What are the various types of Ad Servers?

As the advertising and monetization processes get complex, the need for an ad server gets more vital for publishers and Ad Networks. Ad Servers help schedule, manage and optimize advertisement campaigns. Therefore, they help boost ad revenues and ease ad operations. These work as advertising software that is hosted on a server. Ad servers efficiently manage ad campaigns to display relevant ads for specific websites at proper times. There are namely two main types of Ad Servers, First Party and Third Party Ad servers.

Types of Ad Servers


First Party Ad Servers give a publisher good control of their inventories. They allow them to properly organize ad placements, view statistics and optimize the delivery of ads.

These ad Servers are hosted on the publishers’ server, thereby giving them complete control to manage their ad operations. Therefore, they simplify the process to buy and sell ad slots.

In situations where no direct ad campaigns take place, these types of Ad Servers will decide on which ads to display on a publisher’s ad inventory.


Third Party Ad Servers types are useful for ad agencies and advertisers. They help manage and save advertising logic. In addition, they also deliver and analyze ad campaigns that run on various websites for a publisher.

Advertisers make use of these Ad Servers which helps them deliver their creatives and make them stay optimized in all ad campaigns. Third-party servers ensure data management, reporting, and overall optimization of an ad campaign.