How Ad Networks are booming in the Online Advertising Industry

Ad Networks hold a significant position in digital marketing and the Online Advertising Industry. These work as intermediaries between an advertiser and a publisher. They are becoming a vital monetization element for mobile advertisement.

Ad networks had been initiated since the 1990s when online advertising started. Publishers who have traffic millions can negotiate with ad networks to ensure success at all times.

A publisher revenue from ads changes throughout the year. The first quarter of the year shows a downward trend while the end of year has high revenue. This is because advertisers spent their main budget and the entire left over for the year in the end of the year. So the higher the amount spent, higher the revenue of publisher.

Ad networks work best to plan appropriate strategies throughout the year to maintain the publishers income to a specific threshold. They will help save time and boost your success rates. Moreover, they help skip demand and supply side platforms (DSPs) and (SSPs) and enable an advertiser to directly buy an ad inventory and upload ad creatives using the network.

These networks can perform tasks that publishers cannot directly. They can collect unsold inventory from publishers and provide a pool of impressions to advertisers at very low rates than publishers direct sales. Thereby acting as a broker between the publisher and the advertiser.

The best ad network uses industry leading optimization techniques and strategies to boost a publishers or bloggers revenue. There are numerous ad networks in the market, but always go for the ones which offer most strategic business solutions and optimization techniques.