Top 10 Amazing Websites to Boost Frontend Skills

Knowledge and expertise have no end. Most importantly, the IT industry keeps on flourishing and growing and we should always stay abreast of the latest development skills. Let’s go through the amazing websites to boost frontend skills.

Websites to Boost Frontend Skills

An amazing website for developers to learn about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

An interactive online learning platform that provides a broad range of resources to boost frontend skills. The website provides creating projects, coding challenges, and awards back certificates to help developers participate and learn.

Helps solve real-world challenges in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and aids in creating professional layouts.

An online platform that gives coding challenges focusing on CSS problems. It provides a competitive environment where gamers can show their CSS skills and expertise by providing their solutions. It helps a developer write more accurate and concise code.

A famous website that. provides articles, tutorials, and other website and application development resources. The website focuses on CSS styling and covers a wide range of topics related to frontend design, web design, and CSS.

An online platform that allows us to solve frontend coding projects and challenges for designers and developers. Working on real-life projects and design templates helps boost frontend skills.

The website provides an online game-like tutorial. This helps developers practice using the Grid Layout in CSS. The challenges involve cultivating a virtual garden by coding in CSS. to achieve desired grid layouts.

An online learning platform that provides a 30-day challenge to boost a developer’s JavaScript skills. The challenge involves working on 30 different projects, doing one each day.

A complete resource that has tutorials, articles, and other resources related to UI/UX design and development.

An interactive and enjoyable game that helps in learning the CSS Flexbox properties. Developers are given challenges to arrange frogs by using Flexbox properties, this will help learn the Flexbox layout.

Hope the online resources mentioned above help you boost your frontend skills and make you ace your next frontend developer interview.