Top Best JavaScript Animation Libraries for 2023

Animations add attraction, creativity, and amazing UI to a website. JavaScript animation libraries are widely used for advanced animations. This makes it more challenging to create animations, rather than using simple CSS. However, we can get amazing and more advanced results as JavaScript can handle things that CSS cannot.

These animations are implemented by adding gradual changes to the style of an element. We can also add them inline. The changes are called up by a timer, and the control of their continuity can be adjusted by changes of the time interval.

An amazing JavaScript animation library that has a professional motion design toolset. We can create animations from cinematic scenes to amusing UI interactions.

An amazing JavaScript animation engine that can work. with or without jQuery. It is a fast-paced library and features transforms, animations, easings, loops, scrolling, and even SVG support.

A lightweight JavaScript animation engine that has a simple, but powerful UI. The library can work with CSS properties, JavaScript Objects, SVGs, and even DOM attributes.

An amazing and dependent JavaScript library to create and render 3D animations in browser. It helps create lights, scenes, materials, textures, shadows, and many more such elements.

An amazing JavaScript library that can help you raise your Web Designs without coding.