Top 10 Ad Networks for bloggers and publishers in 2023

Advancements in the Adtech industry has given rise to many Ad Networks all over the world. However, some top ones always boom on the top levels due to their amazing optimization techniques and strategic management. Let’s have a look at the top 10 Ad Networks for publishers in 2023.

Top 10 Ad Networks

The best demand source for publisher, that serves as the premium version of the Google AdSense and has many more features like the following.

  • Block vendors
  • Offer deals
  • Filtering and blocking at account level
  • Customize reports as per publishers demands
  • Segregate in entries as anonymous, semi-transparent, and branded.
  • Dynamic allocation in google ad manager

The network is now available in Google Ad Manager. However, a publisher should have millions of users a month to get an Ad Exchange Account. So it’s better to sign up with a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) like Exmarketplace and use its benefits.

Google Adsense

Google Ad networks stay on the cutting edge in the Adtech industry, making Google Adsense one of the top ad networks for publishers using desktop and mobile advertising.

Adsense screens all ads, and offers a simple implementation process that requires just adding few lines of codes to your website. It is the most popular and easy to use ad network in today’s online advertising market. Most common amongst new blogs and people new on the online advertisement side.


The bidder which had been known as Appnexus is one of the leading AdTech companies offering a wide pool of advertisers, publishers, and industry-related programmatic solutions.

Publishers linked with Xander can get access to worlds top ad exchanges, peak impressions of more than 10 million a day, a large pool of ad inventories.

It should be used by advanced publishers who have more deep knowledge of programmatic advertising and the technology behind it.

Index Exchange

The digital advertising network linked with Index Exchange makes a publisher access to tons of premium advertisers and multiple brands.

Index exchange is also known as ix, is globally a top monetization platform. It serves the linked publishers’ reliability, transparency, performance, and many other Adtech features.

The screened ads meet high quality standards and improve user experience with publishers that makes them serve their audience with the best and premium ads.


An SSP that brings unique demand, technical advances, and sophisticated analytics, all in one place. It ensures a publisher has control over their revenue and provides a unique user experience in all formats and across all channels.

PubMatic provides multiple solutions to publishers and focuses on quality and transparency. It simplifies the marketplace process and helps publishers manage, package and sell premium ad inventories among advertisers.

The bidder uses advanced aRTB (Real Time Bidding) technologies to raise yield and competition and connect publishers with many demand partners amongst a variety of screen sizes. Moreover they use many quality tools to protect publishers from low quality ads and offer a great user experience.


Version media provides a wide range of Adtech solutions to its publishers. These include a display, native, mobile, and video ad inventories. Their solutions work best to maximize ad revenue and offer header bidding solutions to publishers.

The ad network provides a publisher access to premium advertiser demand that is not available across many other networks. Moreover, it provides a publisher access to safety controls for their brand, and easy management and integration of tools that help monetize their ad inventory.

Amazon Publisher Services

The network has the most extensive relation with SSPs (Supply Side Platforms). It enables you to link with various buyers via a single ad network. It is also known as A9 Amazon services that provide a cloud-based suite to publishers for transparent advertisement, header bidding, and insights on shopping analytics services.

A9 has a simple and easy to use reporting interface that makes a publisher experience reporting at auction level, transparent fee structures, and previews all bidders.


A blue-chip for the online advertising industry. OpenX is one of the leading bidders for header bidding solutions like Prebid. They provide you with fully optimized mobile ad exchanges that can help you get around 300 bids a month.

The bidder has video, programmatic direct, and many other solutions. By providing publisher access to first-rate advertisers, they are the best option to choose for premium publishers.


An advanced and innovative program if network that makes the publishing partners earn higher Sumer of money.

Sovrn provides its associated publishers with industry-standard banners, VPAID, VAST video ads onScroll InView ads and header bidding solutions. Moreover, they have a range of personal premium advertisers
For publishers to monetize of their ad inventories and raise their ad revenue.


Taboola ad networks provide a publisher control over how to display their content. It is one of the best monetization platforms used by over 9000 digital properties. It is a Native Ad Network and a competitor of Verizon, providing publishers with easy management of monetization tools and access to premium advertisers.