What are the main types of Ad Server Systems

Online advertising techniques have now deep down their roots and are much more than just displaying ads on the content. Ad server systems are the different advertising solutions by Ad Servers that ease programmatic advertising. Some of the main types of Ad Server systems are as listed below.

Ad Server Systems


The system where a first-party ad server will prioritize the ad network they are directly connected to. It then displays the inventory from these ad networks on desktop and mobile views of the publishers website.

The waterfall methods defines the way to sell inventories that are based on floor price. Therefore the method uses inventories with minimum ad placement prices by the publisher.

Programmatic Advertising

An ad server system that automatically buys digital ads. They’re bringing more efficiency to the digital marketing ecosystem on the whole.

Programmatic advertising makes use of software algorithms to fulfill advertisers and publishers demands.

Real time bidding

A type of programmatic advertising, and works as an online auction for advertisers. Allowing them to bid to preview their ads on mobile and desktop screens.

The actions in RTB are facilitated by SSPs or ad exchanges. They are implemented as an alternative ad tag model that sells the inventory.

Header bidding

The bidding types initiated with desktop advertising and then moved on to mobile as well. Header bidding solutions allow publishers to display their ad inventory on multiple ad exchanges, making various advertisers bid on it simultaneously.

It then finds out the demand partner with the highest price bids and serves ads from that partner.

Ad mediation platform

Web-based software that enables publishers to participate in real-time selling based on the auction. It uses an optimized algorithm and accesses multiple ad networks. It then decides to send requests on which ad network, based on the one with the highest CPM (Cost Per thousand Impressions).

The the ad mediation platform, allows publishers to efficiently raise their revenue by identifying various CPMs and using the ones with highest rates.