What are the different types of Ads by AdSense and which pays the most?

AdSense is a flexible advertising platform by Google. It displays ads from advertisers on publishers’ websites in between the content. The bid price that advertisers place on ads becomes the revenue of the website owner. This is based on the impressions and clicks on the ads. The ads placed on a publisher’s website are of different types. Let’s discuss the different types of ads by AdSense.

Different Types of Ads

Display Ads

Typical image banner ads in various sizes. Since June 2019 onwards, Google has made Display Ads consist of Image and a text slogan or message for promotion. These ads mostly have three main components, a head message, a 1:1 or 1:1.9 ratio image, and a text message.

In Feed Native Ads

Feed Ads had been shown by Google in RSS feeds and blood feed content. They can blend well with your feeds and feel like the content itself.

However, they are tricky to implement and require development skills. It requires server side scripting like PHP where you need to insert a PHP code in the feed native ad code in your blogs category index. This will do looping like for category or blog index pages.

In Article Native Ads

They are similar to in-feed native ads but have different purposes. You can place in article native ads in between paragraphs of a content post. They are useful in long post articles where more scrolling is required.

Matched Content Native Ads

Ads that match the website content. Previously there had been restrictions on showing these ads. However, a publisher can add them to their website to show related content in ads.

Embedded Video Ads

These types of video ads are embedded inside a streaming player. For example, the videoJS or JW Players. These display video ads as Preroll (appearing before the video content), Midrolls (ads appearing in between video content), and post rolls (ads that come after a video ends). 

Playing Video Ads

These ads show playing videos in between a content page instead of a static image. They don’t need any player, they work like the display image ad. 

Video ads give revenue based on both CPC and CPM. The CPM here is counted if a user just watches the first image or frame. So even if they don’t watch the entire video or ad, the impression gets counted.

Game Ads

Game suggestion ads you might see across content. Video and Game Ads need separate approval from Adsense. To apply for these, in your AdSense account visit Ads -> Other Products.