How to Increase AdSense Revenue?

The process seems easy for many. To create a simple and professional WordPress website that meets AdSense requirements and to submit it on AdSense. On AdSense approval, you might get ads appearing on your website but it requires substantial efforts and tactics to grow your website traffic and Increase AdSense Revenue from the ad space to provide to advertisers on your website.

Many people around the world are earning in millions by providing ad space on their websites and in between valuable content. So why not for you too?

Tips and Practices to Increase AdSense Revenue

Though it requires a lot of work and effort, we can raise our Adsense revenue and make it the main source of our income in thousands and millions. It all depends on the effort you put in to grow it higher. Let’s discuss some tips that will help you boost your Adsense revenue.

CPC and CPM in AdSense

Adsense pays you high for clicks rather than impressions. So your main goal should be to make people click on your ads rather than just view them. This requires the content to be engaging and of user interest. Where they can find related ads of their interest and click on them. For example, a group of people are interested in cars, so if your blog has meaningful content about luxury cars, and it displays related ads. Your viewers may click ads related to luxury cars. Which makes it a high click through rate. Moreover keywords used on your luxury car blog will have high CPC.

Number of Ads on Page

Another tip is too not over populate your website with ads. If a visitor sees multiple ads on a page, they may have less intent to click on any and gets difficult to find the ad of their interest, they will click on. Therefore this reduces the click through rate on your web page.

The best practice is to keep two ads on your blog post. Google displays content related ads on your blog post. So if a user visits your blog post with an intent to read about it, there are high chances they will be interested in the ads related to your blog post. Thereby increasing the chance to click on the ads.

An expert top is to place the first ad right after your first or second paragraph on a blog post. While the second ad below the entire post.

Types of Ads on AdSense

Another suggestion is to add both image and text based ads on your website. This will enable more advertisers to bid on your ad space and in turn raise your overall cost per click.

Ads Location and Target Audience

Lastly, you should keep checking your statistics to view where ads on your website serve best. The AdSense interface allows you to view where your website traffic is coming most from. When the ads placed on your website are performing best, keep note of the location your traffic is coming from and try focusing on the content that people from that location and target group are interested in. This will help Increase AdSense Revenue.

The tips above are simple and basic, but if you work on them wisely, it may really help boost your AdSense revenue!