How much can a person earn through Google AdSense?

A start to Google AdSense can make you earn a passive income. This depends on many factors, including the struggle and input you give your websites, and AdSense optimization.

Factors Affecting Adsense Revenue

CPC (Cost Per Click) gives you much more income than CPM (Cost Per Impression), i.e. clicks will give you much more revenue than impressions. However, ads on your website can get more impressions and there are fewer chances of clicks on ads. 

The income from clicks also depends much on the Ad displayed and the advertiser’s bid on the ad that is clicked. 

Proper keyword research and the use of high CPC (cost per click) keywords can make you earn high from Adsense.

Ad placements on proper areas of your web pages can also raise your revenue. Ads on top of the page are the most visible, and if of user interest, they have more chances to get clicked. In addition, if you place ads in between content and have interstitial ads, there are chances that a user may accidentally click those ads. Thereby making you earn more from them. Moreover, interstitial and floor ads have high CTR(click-through rate), giving you more revenue on clicks. This makes your page RPM (Revenue per Page) high, raising revenue from both impressions and clicks.  

Important Aspects to Take Care Of

Considering the above factors makes you earn well from Adsense. In addition, you should always keep track of your ads to avoid click abuse. This happens when someone repeatedly clicks on ads on your website. Keep note if you get a sudden rise in clicks and feel like you are being victim to click abuse. You should inform Adsense via email if you notice any suspicious behavior. Moreover don’t ever click ads on your own website, or either ask your family, friends, or colleagues to do this. These practices are against Google policies and should be avoided. 

AdSense revenue can raise with time and using the best optimization and SEO practices on your website. With time you can also run ad campaigns which may give substantial profits on some investments. This brings paid traffic to your website and raises your clicks and impressions, thereby increasing the revenue you earn through Google AdSense.