How does Google Adsense pay for ad impressions and clicks?

Google Adsense allows publishers to monetize the traffic coming on their websites. It pays the revenue based on ad impressions and clicks. Your initial earnings may be normal, but determination, proper strategies, constant struggle, and passion for your website niche can make you earn even $100 or more a day!

Google pays a publisher 68% of the revenue earned from a click or impression and keeps the 32% as their fees of using AdSense. The income comes from the amount an advertiser has spent on an ad. Thereby high CPC keywords can pay you much higher on each ad click. 

AdSense Income from Clicks

Clicks on Ads on your website that navigate you to the advertiser’s website will give you much higher revenue than page views. For example, you have around 30 clicks on your website in a day to an ad website where the advertiser bids for $0.75 per click. This makes you earn $15.3 as 68% of the clicks revenue.

AdSense can pay you $0.2 to $15 per click. This depends on the competition between advertisers and the cost per click of the ads displayed. This depends on the website category. Anyhow, the average CPC for display Ads is around $0.63, which will give you $0.43 per click.

To earn more amount per click-through AdSense, you should use High CPC Keywords.

AdSense Income from Impressions

Income from Impressions is much lower than clicks. It is calculated per 1000 impressions and is called the RPM (Revenue Per 1000 Impressions). Your revenue from 1000 impressions will be based on your niche, keywords used, website category, and your content quality. It is around $5 – $15 per 1000 impressions. 

The RPM is calculated as follows.

RPM = (Estimated Earnings / Number of Page Views) x 1000

So, if you need to earn $100 from impressions, you should have 10,000 page views and an RPM of $10.

This means per ad view on Adsense gives you around $0.005 – 0.0015. 

Examples of Adsense revenue per 1000 page views for different website niches

  • Arts and Entertainment – $5.6
  • Automobile and Vehicles – $9.2
  • Fitness and Beauty – $13.0
  • Health and Fitness – $17.4
  • Home and Gardening – $23.3
  • Finance – $32.0
  • Real Estate – $14.5
  • Sports – $4.2
  • Travel – $14.1

These are the rates of websites that target USA traffic. You can calculate an estimate of earnings on your blog from ad impressions and clicks by using our AdSense Revenue Calculator.