Top Searched Keywords With High Popularity Over Internet

We collected top searched keywords which are popular on search engines. Digital marketers spending valuable time to find related keywords. Our list gives you idea of most popular terms. You can use these keywords to find long tail keywords related to your niche.

Top Popular Keywords Searched On Internet

Popular Keywords On GoogleSearched Volume
Top Searched SEO KeywordsSearched Volume
SEO Tools49,500
SEO Service33,100
SEO Checker33,100
What is SEO?33,100
SEO Company22,200
Small SEO Tools22,200
SEO Agency9,900
SEO Optimizer9,900
SEO Blogs9,900


Below we classify most search terms on google for famous categories. This list will help you find long tail keywords related to your business. For example, if you are running Real Estate business and wants to find related keywords. Below list will help you find long tail keywords both for SEO and Adwords.


Popular Keywords For Real Estate BusinessSearched Volume
Real Estate3,350,000
Commercial Real Estate135,000
Real Estate Investment Trust110,000
Real Estate Agency90,500
Real Estate Owned60,500
Real Estate License49,500
Real Estate Websites33,100
Real Estate Investments27,100
Real Estate Investors27,100
How to become a Real Estate Agent?22,200
Top Searched Photography KeywordsSearched Volume
Photography Editing9,140,000
Sexual Photography1,500,000
Sexy Photography673,000
Porn Photography450,000
Photography Shops301,000
Mirror Photography301,000
Babies Photography246,000
Nudist Photography246,000
Stock Photography201,000


There are important factors you should considers choosing keywords for both SEO and adWords.

For SEO, choosing keyword with high volume, you must check how hard to rank specific keyword. Keyword difficulty rangs from 0 to 100. If the difficulty is less than 40, it’s easy to rank for that keyword. If the difficulty score is higher than 40 its a bit hard to rank for that keyword.

Considering adWords, You must check keyword quality score and cpc beside search volume. You will find some keywords with reasonable volume of searches with low cpc (cost per click).