Types Of Backlinks You Can Build

To get started with types of SEO’s Backlinks, lets have an overview of it.

This may kind of blow your mind but there are literally 20 different types of SEO’s back links opportunities. These types can be seems like something similar to another.


You know the difference between a blog post and a blog comment or something that’s very different like an image versus a video. So again there is a lot of different ways that you can get links and how they will naturally benefit the content or the page that you have just created.

Lets quickly go over and just overview those 20 different types of backlinks. There are even more than that but We like to recognize really the 20 main types. Some of the sub ones that you can get into would be like “well you know” technically articles isn’t PBNs which is a private blog network and that is technically correct. At the same time they really are because a PBN is just a gathering of multiple articles and often the PBN just gives you more of an idea.

Of kind of what the quality is, for that network really because when you have a PBN you’re going to have things that talk about SEO then there’s going to be another article that talks health. There’s going to be another one that’s like a bizarre and then there’s going to be another one that’s you know about Viagra because they’re taking on any one that’s willing to pay. That’s not to say that this isn’t something that can be valid and valuable for you and we have to be very choosy with your PBN.

So let’s go into the types that they are and here is using more of the software that I love called GSA SER and that by far is one of the best automatic link builders when you have it set up correctly. So when you open you will see article, that’s one type blog comment, directory, and document sharing. So that would be something like PDF and a directory would be something where you’re more less listing your business, your information like hey we’re you know Cadslist located at Dubai and then you have an exploit. An exploit is simply a link that’s backend link.

It’s more of a scientific, I will say scientific but technical IT poll where it’s like you’re just pinging back the website and not really paying back. Creating a link simply by saying hey you know can I submit my URL, Sure yeah you can submit your URL and that’s when an exploit does. Because it’s not something that naturally open to the public but when you have the right algorithms to search for these exploits where they are openly submitted that’s what it does. So forum pretty simple guestbook same thing.

You are literally just signing yourself saying hey I was here you know here’s this image comments that’s something where you’re talking more along the lines of like a Pinterest store. There’s actually a ton of image websites but Pinterest is probably the most popular indexer. This is basically someone saying hey we’re going to submit your website. So that’s why it gets kind of pinged or indexed.

So Google spider, Bing spider and Yahoo web crawlers all of them are made aware that this page needs to be indexed as soon as possible. Then you have micro blogs which are basically blogs that are only doing things in terms of probably a few hundred words or less. It has obviously a twitter icon because most blogs end up being twitter rehashes.

  1. Article Links
  2. Manually Hyperlinking Anchor
  3. Spintax & Link Tiers
  4. Blog Commenting Links
  5. Directory Links
  6. Documents Sharing
  7. Exploit Links
  8. Guest Book Links
  9. Article Guest Posts
  10. Image Comment Links
  11. Indexer Links
  12. Micro Blogging Links
  13. Ping Back Links
  14. Referrer Links
  15. RSS Feed Links
  16. Social Bookmark Links
  17. Social Network Links
  18. Trackback Links
  19. Wiki Links
  20. URL Shortener Links