How To Create Backlinks From an Article

One of the first backlink types that Cadslist want to talk about is the article. Here we will talk about how to create backlinks from articles, this is basically the foundation of everything, and content is king. Google indexes websites because they contain content they interact with the visitors they’re there to supply that content to visitors. Visitors are then happy they keep using Google they keep searching you the whole thing is just basically a little system that goes around and around. Everyone makes money because eventually someone out of here is going to buy something at every step of the way.

That’s kind of just how life in the universe works. It looks basically like that, so your article is going to consist of some decent amount of kind of limitations. What I mean by that is you know you’re going to want to have things like what’s known as H1 you know what’s known as an intro keyword. Where you’re using your keyword in the first 50 words or 100 words then you need things like in h2 and h3 then you need a CTA or a call to action.

There are a lot of things inside and then you also getting involved with images and things like that or may be a video you know a video that’s even more. So then we have whole different types of SEO well because while this has you know SEO images themselves have a whole bunch of different things like all tags and all this. We’re going to be getting into all of that but overall I want to know you that your article is your baseline. This is where kind of everything starts off from and it builds up from there.

So when you look at an article again it’s going to have a keyword, that keyword is going to be something usually is underlined with a hyperlink. That links back to a page or another article inside your site and then your site is going to have something that’s optimized just as well as this if not better because you want to have even more content that they can read outside of what’s normally found as well.

So inside of an article I am going to be showing you, number one: How to optimize. What those all those things mean in each one kind of keyword density. How much you should have you how to use long tail phrases then I am also going to talk about readability and what’s known as the Flash score. That’s going to be something that Google is more and more going to be looking out for to determine if your article and your content is going to be something that is relevant with the audience without even sending traffic there.

They’re going to instantly know what the readability of your article is. We are going to be focusing on those two things and once you have that you are going to know how to optimize articles properly and that link is basically going to be covered from having a well optimized article. It’s just a matter of going through a number of systems will even use screaming frog.

We cannot even demo hrefs and things like that where you can find websites that are more than willing to take your amazing content and posted on their websites just to simply give you a backlink to your website. When you have well written articles that is the least of your worries so articles are by far the most powerful easiest and also the most beneficial. Backlinks that you can end up getting all across the web.

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