How To Optimize Readability- Simple Tips For Better Writing

If You’re looking for strategies and techniques that how to optimize readability of a content than you’re at right place.

The readability rate is extremely important in these coming days and ages with Google really focusing on the idea of an article. Being easy to consume on a quick efficient basis it’s really going to be a large portion of the ranking in the future we see. So readability is of course going to come in that because basically everyone agrees that the flesh reading east test is the best way to determine a readability score that’s universally like we said accepted so what’s the flesh reading east test score.

Well go ahead and click on yoast or you can go ahead and just do a little bit of flesh reading east score just type that into Google. You’re going to obviously get a long background history of it. The main idea that you need to know is that scores 90 to 100 easily understood by the average 10 year old 60 to 70 easily understood by basically teenagers 0 to 30 it’s basically understood by university graduates.

Now with that being taken into account we want you to quickly know right here that our readability score is pretty darn low right here. We have a 60 basically out of what should be 100. So it’s look like one sub headings fall by more than the recommended maximum amount of words.

There’s a huge reason because people they trim the articles down and they’ll read first few sentences of each sub or headline that you have. So here we are talking about you know it’s going to be a huge tittle like how to host a webinar like a badass free webinar checklist. They read a little bit they come across an image they read a little bit more.

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