How To Optimize Article

If you are a beginner and want to learn how to optimize article so you are at right place. We have logged into our back end of our website and we use WordPress personally you can use whatever you want. There are a lot of tools that use the exact same ideas that we are going to be discussing inside of here but if you have a WordPress we suggest the plugin called Yoast SEO. If you have all in one SEO it works just as well. You don’t want to switch up that’s fine, whatever you have works.

All of these tools have the same basic ideologies or guidelines for how to rank an article and this is going to be great side by side checklists so you can check off and make sure did I do this. This is great, did I do that, great and you can make sure that as you go through each of these points are hit giving you the most opportunity to rank inside of these search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing so popping back over here.

I have an article that’s already been written because I am not going to bore you with the time of with the time of writing an article. If you want any tips on writing articles I highly suggest you have a smartphone or something like this or there’s cash penalty of other things that even have an app store or something like that. Just download something where you can speak right into the phone and it will transcribe on a notepad inside the phone. What you’re saying.

So we can come here have a normal conversation record that it will be written down and now you have to go through is kind of added it from that normal speak tonality. That we have to read tonality and it does the difference between the way you speak and the way you write of course is going to be a lot more methodical in the writing sense. Because you have time you have punctuation you have all these different ideas being expressed without having that tonality behind it.

So you’re going to have to of course change a few things around but to make it really speedy I usually can write about 400 words article and usually just a couple of minutes. It’s as simple as just kind of blurting out talking about something I am really passionate about. I can go really fast because I have a great transcriber through Google and boom just like that my articles done. So what I suggest you always have 300 words or more that’s kind of my checklist and I am going to also include a checklist pdf for you guys to download.

That way you can just kind of you know as you go through each article just checked that off checked that off and be done. What you’re going to end up seeing is for me I just use SEO. So I am going to enter in a focused keyword for me its host a webinars. Copy the Tittle because I have to do this inside Yoast and there we go and you want to make sure when you say something like host a webinar you want to make sure that’s within the URL and the tittle.

So if you’re using a keyword how to host a webinar like a boss. Well you don’t want to have host of webinars like a bass, so you need to use those exact phrases as they are written punctuation. If there’s anything that’s kind of off or misspelling and that’s a good keyword that has come decent phrasing. A lot of these things actually come I find within the misspellings come within the physical nature keyword sports psychology scientific keywords sex keywords things like that.

If you have misspellings in those types of areas as they are downloaded from Google keyword planner that’s  the exact way that you want to spell it. Now you can of course you know if its hos a webinars it’s all lowercase, you can make uppercase that’s not going to actually change it. If it says who’s the webinar then and then gets 10000 searches a month and people are misspelling who’s the webinar and that’s what you want to use. Who’s the webinar are not host one.

So I know this may seem weird but those are actually great keywords at times because people do misspell things. I have one site that’s dedicated to the misspelling of fiver and I have banked some decent money off of that because fiver itself which is spelled I end up having a lot of people that come with that keyword fiver or fiverr or fivver. Theirs is so many ways it’s been misspelled and is scooped up all of these keywords because they’re not nearly as competitive as fiver which of course has a ton of branding behind it.

So I was named neatly able to sweep up about 10000 searches a month off of misspelling but I had to make articles around it. I had to misspell those words inside the articles and use it just as it. So that’s my advice to you my two cents is as is, so host a webinar there it is you don’t want to have it. Post a webinar and you don’t want to have it where its index you know page no keywords here.

You want to as much as possible within your websites. It just bothers me so much when someone has a website and it goes you know cadslist/page 2.html something like that. Whatever it is those types of websites don’t rank well because they don’t show people through the URL. What you are going to be reading well it’s true. so instantly it’s branded.

How to host a webinar like a bad ass free web in our checklist that gives everything that people need to know about what I am going to be talking about over the next 300 to even 3000 words. Now with that being sad I am going to come in here. Have you ever tried building a large piece of furniture with instructions? It’s impossible. So we have to get to shorten it up because that one thing we need to do is we need to involve our keyword same with webinars.

Learn how to host a webinar like a bad ass, so this is what people would be reading when they go and they Google something and may be they look up you know something like value ladder. The description is what that’s going to be showing up. Keep in mind you have to keep the description not exceeded with the limit of 160 characters.

So now we have a web keyword, we have our tittle, we have the slug or the URL and those all container keywords including those two webinar as well in the Meta description you want to include your keyword inside all of these things the tittle.The URL, the description and of course that’s the focus keyword to let our software know Yoast SEO what we are using right now. This is what we are trying to optimize our page for.

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