Spintax & Link Tiers

We want to discuss the idea of what’s known as syntax or when it’s used in this terms that becomes known as Spintax. All this is saying the same word or the same idea really with different words. Hi|Hello|how are you and all these things are going to be followed up by these little brackets but you’re just going to end up using different words again to express a similar idea.

So you might go hi how are you and then it would say my and then syntax and I may say car or I could say auto or I could say mobile or you know maybe we are talking about a truck. So there are all types of things that you can use. So that’s now I have multiple original sentences from this one thing because it’s going to come out of here and it’s going to take one thing randomly it’s going to use that out of all of these.

When you have these pipelines it separates it and this is something that you should spin the syntax off. When you do this you can create unique and original articles but I am going to tell you that when you do this you’re going to want to use these articles. That can be great because you have one sentence and another one and you can have really a ton of you know one article when it’s really well spun.

You can get up to 25 even 50 more on the manual side but on the auto side you can get 25 out of a good system. I would suggest something like Word Ai and if you want to sign up for that then just go to wordai.com. This is one of the best mentors in fact that you can actually go in sell article writing with word ai I did this and let me tell you. It makes every penny back you can make 500 bucks a month probably on fiver selling word Ai spun articles.

It’s quiet amazing, you just offer like a hundred words for five bucks and people just buy and grab that up like it’s nobody business. So you just basically got to have certain limits when you say that you know it’s like I am not going to write about anything you just give me a general topic and I am just going to write generalities about it and that’s about it. So that way you can take other articles that are general and spin them.

If you have your own unique article that’s even better and you’re going to use these for what’s known as T2 or T3 and that just simply broken down. You have T1 which is your homepage and then any links that you build over here this may be like a web 2.0.  You may have a wiki and a blog. So all of these things would be considered T2’s and then anything that you build as additional that’s pointing to that this is called T3.

So you mainly want to use the spun material below this line and then all of the great original 100 percent original. That is what you are looking for to put on your T1 and your homepage and your personal blog. So all of these things are tiers you don’t want to use spin tacks on your main website that is only high quality material.