Difference Between Google LineItem and Creatives

Google Lineitem

Google LineItems are the instructions to Google DFP to serve the advertisement in ad slot. Lineitem set the following rules

  • set budget for adunit
    • for example, set $100 for an adunit to spend daily
  • set span of time the adunit to run
    • for example, the same adunit must run from how many months and what hours a day.
  • set adunit targeting
    • for example, we can set location, gender, age etc to render the adunit for

Google Creatives

Google Creatives are the content of the actual advertisement which runs in the ad unit slot. The content can be an image, a video or other format which will deliver to a user.

For an adunit to deliver in an ad slot, the creative must be associated to a line item. A Creative can also be added to a creatives library for later use and assign later to a lineitem.