Top Job Posting Sites in Denmark | CadsList

Compared with other EU countries, Denmark has a relatively low unemployment rate despite its small job market. With the right education and qualifications, it’s far from impossible to find work in Denmark.

A good way to find a job is to search the internet. Unemployed job seekers in Denmark have many different options for online job sites. Below is a list of Danish work sites that you might find useful. 

A database of approximately 10.000 – 20.000 different jobs is available on 

There is a lot of quality information available on the website about living and working in Denmark. You can create a personal search profile and upload a CV on the website, which is your official public Danish job source. 

In general, you must have a basic understanding of Danish or at least be able to communicate in another Scandinavian language in order to be considered for a job at Some Danish companies, however, hire English-speaking employees. More than 2000 English-language vacancies are available on

A CV-database with a job portal for engineers is available at If you set up a job agent, you will receive job offers directly in your inbox. is run by Mediehuset Ingeniøren A/S who are a company behind a number of different highly respected media outlets i Denmark. – Denmark’s first job portal, created in 1996, is still going strong today. There are about 7,000 jobs available on that can be searched.