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Recent years have seen an increase in investments in the Czech Republic. Due to its relative youth (it joined the EU in 2004), it presents an interesting investment opportunity for international recruitment.

According to reports, the Czech job market in 2017 and 2018 is likely to offer higher salaries, have more intense talent hunting, and offer new opportunities for foreigners and older generations. A recruitment campaign there could be an interesting place to start! In order to maximize your investment in the Czech Republic, we offer you the best locations for your job offers.

A leading job portal in the Czech Republic, was established in 2007. There is a minimalist design on the website, but it demonstrates a lot of clarity and efficiency. An easy-to-use interface makes it easy to use. Companies of all sizes post job offers that are of high quality and are updated frequently. Job seekers do not have to create an account to apply, and the application process is simple.

In addition to English, the site is also available in Slovak, Czech, German, and French, which is a great benefit for international job seekers, as well as employers seeking to do business in the Czech Republic.

As in the Czech Republic, dominates the recruitment market. A large Finnish media company, Alma Media, owns, which is part of the LMC group (which includes  Recruiters who want to monitor the competition can check out the jobs listed on this job board by industry. As well as offering tips for improving your CV, average wages, necessary skills for certain jobs, and language training courses, also provides lots of interesting information.

Jobseekers and employers who are interested in doing business and working in the Czech Republic can take advantage of the site’s English and Czech versions.


The Czech Republic is no less popular than other countries when it comes to the international giant Monster. Even though there are other aggregators there, this one is the most widely known. When searching for a second job board to post on, Monster is definitely a good backup option to a Czech national job board. If you need to fill a position quickly, you can count on the team to respond quickly. As is true in other countries, Monster is an easy-to-use and user-friendly job site with a lot of job opportunities to choose from.


Recruiters and jobseekers from abroad will find JobDNES limited because it is only available in Czech. Even so, the homepage is attractive and straightforward, and a handy list of featured job ads highlights the most recent openings.

A general search can be started followed by a geographical search and a key word search to narrow this down. A section on the site offers job hunting help and tips for jobseekers as well. However, you cannot apply directly on the site: you are redirected to the company’s career page.

In the Czech Republic, is another good generalist job board. While maintaining high functionality and user-friendliness, the layout is very clean and attractive. According to, their partner,, is the leading job board in the country! 

Job offers range from the company to all levels of the hierarchy, with some better than others. Job seekers can apply without creating an account and without any hassle. Recruiters and jobseekers from outside the Czech Republic may have difficulty navigating the site since it only supports Czech, which is fine for natives but not so much for internationals.