Brazil Top Most Visited Websites by Traffic for Banking

Based on our research and analytics, we are showing here top websites which users are visiting and spending time in Brazil for Banking. We continue our hard work to list websites which can be helpful in general and specifically for digital marketers to get backlinks for SEO.

RankWebsiteTrafficPages/VisitBounce Rate,466,0213.9719.84%,548,3782.2555.45%,369,3701.9261.80%,809,4102.7158.91%,167,6182.6050.66%

List of top websites by category

Our top websites will let you find most popular websites globally, by location and industry category.

Banking Digital marketers in Brazil keeps their eyebrows up for these top websites and takes marketing decisions by indentifing and observering trends. They keep tracks of world’s most visiting and leading websites.

For instance, what we are showing you here:


Visits in above table shows the number of people visited websites in one month.


Pages/Visit in above table shows the number of pages visited by one user on average. This factor shows engagement of user with the website.

Bounce Rate

This factor shows the interest of users in the website. Bounce rate means the percentage of visitors leaving website after viewing only one page.