What are Wiki Links and how it Affect Your Google Ranking?

Wiki Links are pretty simple. It’s just oftentimes you know and you can replace name for keyword name dot. And here’s one Web site where you can make wiki as you can make a dozen other places a wiki. Now you got to do is look up you know Wiki lists or where can I create a wiki inside of Google.

As now you know, Wikipedia started using its no-follow link policy to combat spam and discourage marketers from using the site for a variety of promotional purposes. In this concept, web spider programs will not be able to crawl the link into its search engine index by adding a certain meta tag to an HTML link. No-follow links can contribute to improving brand visibility and building link diversity.

Since all the external links in Wikipedia are coded with the no-follow value, the back-links are not able to promote the target websites. Despite web-crawlers of all major search engines follow this no-follow attribute, Google still gives weight to links from Wikipedia. It doesn’t seem to affect the value of links and site spamming by people in an attempt to boost page rank score.

Following are the few wiki submission sites

#Wiki Submission Sites ListDAPA
1http://www.wikia.com/fandom9463Visit Website
2https://www.wikipedia.org/9381Visit Website
3http://www.wikidot.com/8387Visit Website
4https://www.wikispaces.com/7285Visit Website
Similarly, visit 27 High DA & PA Wiki Submission Sites List to get more do follow Wikipedia backlinks in 2019- 2020

Here are few steps through which you can easily get do follow links

  • Create an account in the Wikipedia
  • Look for the appropriate topic page for your link
  • Identify high traffic pages where wiki ranks
  • Edit the page and insert your link in the page

With a massive volume of traffic to the website, Wikipedia would appear to be a perfect medium in SEO strategy. Yet certain components including its way of life and approaches can demonstrate hard for SEO experts to use.

Wikipedia is one of the top high ranked website and very important for both on-page and off-page SEO strategies. The plus point in Wikipedia is that you can create and edit the content by self. It allows business owner’s to to create wiki articles for their respected customers and also shared their blog/site link with them.

You would be thinking that why should we include our site link in Wikipedia. So the answer is quite simple, its the simplest way to get backlinks to your website. Wikipedia is an open source platform where everyone can make changes in the site.

Wikipedia for off-page SEO

  • As you know that Wikipedia backlinks are no follow but it can surely give you impressive traffic.
  • you can look for the trusted site to get a no follow link.
  • No-Follow links can’t ranked your domain authority but it helps in generating traffic to your site.
  • Wiki pages are the most valuable pages for good keywords, try to search link opportunity in relevant topic.