Trackback Links

I want to cover the other half of ping backs which are Trackback. These like I said are normally happy and certain WordPress websites or CMS content management systems. The ping basically says you know here’s the original article and then it goes over to this website and it says copy and it’ll go and reciprocate. When it’s reciprocates it’ll introduce a trackback and that obviously sends it back the track back then creates the link.

So you want to have both pings and trackback going on in order to take advantage of these things. That’s the basic explanation of it, How is it done? It’s really done via software. Because it’s going out there and it’s searching the Worldwide Web all for you trying to find where there are instances in both of these locations.

you know in terms of the text you know looks like 01001001. Now I’m just trying to find where this happens over here inside the worldwide web. Once we do we send off a ping that pinging back then if someone replies back usually it’s from WordPress websites. They’ll send a track back that track packs solidifies the link And now you get a SEO link juice from that.