Difference between Short & Long tail Keywords

The first place that we want to mention is the difference in keywords and keyword phrases. Now when we talk about a key word there are usually different parts to it. There’s what we’ll call the seed, an ID or an identifier. There can be additional ones that create it to be long tail keywords. And then there’s one that we could consider even Separ outside of that that makes its own mix.

The top 10 thousands keywords make up less than 20% of overall search traffic. 70% search traffic comes from LONG TAIL KEYWORDS, highly specific to 4-6 words.

What are Short and Long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords are kind of more specific of topic and less common than short keywords. On the other hands, Short Tail Keywords are more common and less specific as compared to Long Tail Keywords. Long-Tail keywords focus more on the niche.

Lets say, for example, some one is looking for a serviced office in Dubai. When he types serviced office, google suggest more specific keywords which can depends on many factors. 70% people choose suggested long tail keywords which gives user more specific results in search engines.

I’ll leave that up a bit which I would consider local. So I want to discuss mainly the ideas between these three and a seed keyword more or less. If we were to do something say around search engine optimization SEO then in that sense SEO would be our key. See keyword now an identifier may be something like a service. So we would do SEO service as SEO Company SEO firm as SEO.

So here we can go inside multiple things so a company firm service and then a long tail phrase would be something that’s added to it. Now this long tail phrase can come at the end or the beginning. It could even be a question like what is the best SEO service firm. So it could turn into a question or it could even be something like SEO service near me, SEO firm reviews SEO Company.

What to look for when hiring all of these different words or phrases can make it go on multiple words. Often when I think of a long tail phrase most of the times while I’m trying to do is four or more terms that’s my main idea for a long tail. A seed keyword is going to be one to two of your identifier, maybe between 1 and sometimes three depending on the industry in action. How long something that’s may be paraphrased like a damp you know depth adjusted.

Sonic I forget what the whole acronym, was can be used for something to identify within that industry which may be you know sonar damp. So they’re not spelled out and that would still be an identifier term.

So it can have multiple words but oftentimes it’s just a few short simple ideas or phrases inside of SEO. Are you looking to get a service done? Are you looking for maybe a guide?

You know it could be something outside of hiring for SEO and maybe you know SEO DIY do it yourself right. The long tail phrase would be SEO do it yourself guide for optimization or for ranking in Google. You know all of these additional terms and there are a lot of things it’s almost infinite in what can be done inside of here and how it can be combined.

So what I’m going to be offering is actually a free software. That has the ability to give you all of these long tail phrases that Google doesn’t even normally suggest. These are things that they don’t get dozens or even hundreds of searches. But over time they do get a lot and I’m going to tell you this 80 percent of all searches inside of Google. Google has never seen before which means 80 percent of all traffic.