RSS Feed Links

RSS feeds basically broken down are your blog and all the articles they are contained there in all of them in what’s known as an X amount. I can show you what it looks like in each HTML as well. But it’s an XML format which basically takes all of these articles and their feeds.

It says anyone that wants to access this and it’s usually found it forward slash RSS. Anyone that wants to get this they’re able to then pull all of this data and it comes out in kind of this code where it’s like XML. This is basically for mainly robots but what people end up doing is dragging off your RSS feed. Then syndicating it to theirs which of course is just showing their network as being what it is it’s just kind of an aggregation area.

So that people can get traffic and obviously everything is going to link back to your web site when you have an RSS set up. That’s why you set it up but you can also submit these other articles as well to other RSS feeds. That are not yours and that’s something that’s also beneficial well most of the time.

Again kind of like indexers and you know these other different things like that. They’re not very beneficial but when you put them on auto they definitely are a benefit to have inside your backlit portfolio. That’s the main way that you want to build these types of RSS feed links.