Social Bookmark Links

Social bookmarks are kind of like what normal bookmarks used to be which is you know again you have your article. You’re saying hey I want you to learn about this so you know I’m going to syndicate this to a whole slew of different networks. These networks are then going to take in and basically just post your content as is.

Now this was kind of saying hey I’ve bookmarked you usually in the form of control d but there was a Web site that showed all of these bookmarks. you know this was Website one Website two Website three Website four and so on and so forth and they were all kind of like this where they had this sort of idea going on to. basically just be a collection of a anyone that enjoys my website my content my materials.

you can look at all the other bookmarks that I’ve created and just kind of follow along with other Web sites that I find absolutely brilliant or resourceful. Now this has kind of been replaced where the article comes over and the syndication happens the exact same way. but this would be more like Jim’s personal FB-field and this Facebook feed more or less is going to be gotten through.

This article is now going to be taken over and you’re going to then just have social little markings on it you know give us a plus one. Social bookmarking is being naturally viral and you’re going to naturally rank from just social bookmarks. So you can see how very powerful social bookmarks are but they also have to be usually done by more active accounts. Because Google is looking at these things and saying ah you know here’s a leader.