Pingback Links- The Ultimate Source to Increase Your Blog Traffic

What is a Pingback ?

Pingback is a thing that normally come from an article or a blog. It’s just something where either it’s just one website telling the other hey I use this content. We want you to know that here’s a link back to where this original source material came from or may have come from and this can be done automatically by WordPress or manually by people.

Pingbacks in WordPress

The main idea is that the Pingback just simply says here’s where this is a reference of the material too. Now it’s not quite the fullness of having a hyperlink like a resource and saying you know here’s where it came from and then that links to here. It’s more of something like in the code in the back end if I could if I can draw that any better.

Somewhere in the backend you know there’s a bunch of ones and zeros and they’re just basically matching up all of this data right back here in the HTML. Then it comes over here and it finds you know all this thing matches right over here this says 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 as well. So we’re going to send a ping back and then WordPress also allows you to do two things. You can either denying or approve the links and that then of course solidifies that Pingback in your back end.

Pingback to another blog

Ping back is just you having material from another web site or someone getting that material from you and naturally you’re just told about that. You can have a Pingback where it’s like hey you know either you should index this or it gives me more juice. I’m going to let you know that I use this and I’m going to place a link here.

It’s really like I said the back end I’m going to place a lien in the back end and then that’s going to point to you. So ping backs are normally too beneficial but they’re more of just a temperament of where you get this from. Who’s it from where is the resources things like that.

So ping backs are more of the automatic feature than a manual one. That’s something that you normally want to focus too much time building links on unless the software doing it for you 24/7.