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In a matter of minutes, you can find a job matching your requirements on dozens of job portals available on the Internet. As with every technology, the Internet has its downsides as well. Scammers may claim they can offer you the perfect job. In order to help you find the perfect job in Austria, we have researched the available job portal sites and listed out the best ones.

Monster (formerly known as

The Monster job portal (formerly is one of the most popular job search sites in Austria. You’ll find thousands of job listings from a variety of companies on this Austrian employment site. In your area, you can find trusted companies that offer your favorite job in your working industry with the help of Monster. The Monster job search engine helps you find jobs that match your requirements quickly. You can also receive weekly newsletters of new job offers in your industry to find out the perfect new job opportunities. Monster is highly recommended for everyone in Austria to try out once to find a suitable job offer. Through this Austrian job portal, employers can post job ads and hire job seekers.


Almost every country in the world includes LinkedIn on their list of the best job portals. It is the best platform for presenting the perfect CV and getting hired by a reputable company in your industry. As opposed to a job board, LinkedIn is a worldwide platform where you can network with different companies and people. Like a social network, it allows you to connect with other people working in your sector and learn how to grow larger and get hired. The best way to use LinkedIn while looking for a job is to create an account and work on creating your profile. LinkedIn has millions of users, including thousands that may work in the same field as you, and you may be able to reach out to them or connect with your future employer or business partner. Right now, you should begin building your LinkedIn profile.


In addition to StepStone, there are thousands of different job offers from different businesses in the region on the site. As the number of Internet users in Austria grows, there are almost ten thousand job openings on this platform. You can search for Austrian jobs in your working area by typing a keyword on StepStone’s simple and fresh user interface. Additionally, you can setup a Job Agent through the portal and receive job offers in your sector earlier than any other user. Through StepStone, you can also find detailed salary information for different jobs in Austria.


There is no doubt that Glassdoor is the world’s most popular job portal. Additionally, it features job openings around the world, not just in Austria. Through this portal, job seekers have access to over 52 thousand different job ads from a range of Austrian companies, allowing them to find their perfect dream job. To provide job seekers with accurate information regarding the workplace, Glassdoor also provides ratings and salary ranges for businesses. You can find Austrian job offers by typing Austria in the Location field when searching for employment in Austria. Furthermore, you can search for jobs within a certain salary range or find out about new or old job offers. The distance filter can be used to find a company near you to work for. Glassdoor has thousands of job offers that could make finding a suitable one easier for you.

The Local

Providing news in English, The Local is one of Austria’s largest news portals. Now that you’ve seen the list of best job portal sites, you might wonder why a news portal is on it. On their website, The Local offers a section where one can search for jobs in Austria, so it really deserves to be on this list. From the main menu on the website’s homepage, you must hover over to the jobs section to find out what jobs are available in Austria. It is possible to search for jobs under a specific category as well as find several jobs in four different places in Austria.