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Top Job Posting Sites in Azerbaijan-National job boards/websites in Azerbaijan are listed below:

Jobs Day

One of the job-sites in Azerbaijan is a result of the combined work of two big companies, Azerbaijani and Russian HeadHunter ( As part of our labor market activities, we assist companies in finding professional experts from a variety of fields, as well as candidates in finding jobs that meet their interests.


Azinka HR&CC launched the first online job site of Azerbaijan in 2003, and it quickly became one of the most popular job sites in the country. We work with a number of well-known Azerbaijani and foreign companies today. There is no other traditional job board that can compete in regional markets with As a service, continually provides customized solutions to fit each organization’s needs.

For all participants of the labor market, Boss.Az provides a quick and accurate online platform for finding jobs and employees. A broad database of jobs and resumes is made easily accessible through the project.

Established in 2008, it is now one of the largest job portals in Azerbaijan.

Boss.Az is not a recruitment agency. Employers and job seekers can communicate directly and promptly through it.

Our website was launched in 2005 and has been rated as one of Azerbaijan’s most popular job search websites ever since.

By providing free access to job listings and company research, we put job seekers first. New opportunities are available to thousands of people every day. 

Furthermore, we support our valuable client-companies in rebranding themselves in the labor market and finding the right candidates for their teams. Oil companies, non-profit organizations, governments, financial institutions, and smaller and medium businesses are among our clients. 

The website has tens of thousands of subscribers, including thousands of clients and job seekers.