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Get access to a large number of multinational companies looking for candidates to return to Tunisia to continue their careers. Apply online, register, and upload your CV.

Inquiries related to a foreigner’s field of work should be made prior to applying for employment in Tunisia.


A number of national and international jobs can be found on this site. There are job offers available on Bayt for Tunisia.

Both Tunisian and foreign job seekers can benefit from this job portal.

Careers in Africa

Careers in Africa provides Tunisian job seekers with new job opportunities every day.

Assuring job seekers are satisfied with their search, they work closely with recruiters.


Job ratings and salaries are available on Glassdoor. Their Tunisian job listings allow you to explore various job opportunities in different industries.

Through this site, one of the leading job sites in the world, you are sure to find a job that suits your profile. Foreigners can search for jobs on this site.


The Learn4Good job search engine has a variety of job listings in different sectors. You can find jobs in teaching, marketing, English-speaking jobs, and multilingual jobs

Free job postings and resume uploads are available for employers and employees on this site.

Naukri Gulf

There are jobs posted regularly on this recruitment portal for job seekers to explore.

The site provides job opportunities for foreigners as well as Tunisians despite being an Indian job site.

Get career tips, search for jobs, and improve your career on this site.

UN Jobs

Check out this site for job openings in UN organizations such as UNDP, UNICEF, UNV, and more.

There are numerous job openings on this portal for those seeking a career in a UN-driven organization.

NGO Jobs

It is the largest job portal in Africa that only offers job opportunities from non-governmental organizations.

For Tunisians looking for a career in the NGO sector, this site is a good place to start. There are authentic non-government jobs available on the site in Tunisia.

View more job postings on this site.


Check out LinkedIn for new Tunisian job openings.

On LinkedIn, Tunisian job seekers can find hundreds of job postings.

It is a good site for career development and learning.

There are many Tunisian job openings on Tunisian jobs are available on this website for job seekers.

This site features the latest job offers for expats and foreigners in Tunisia.


View Tunisian job openings and job postings on this site.

Visit this site to find jobs in Tunis, Sfax, Sousse, Ariana, Biserta, Gabes, and Kairouan.


On, you can find new job opportunities in UN organizations, EU organizations, and other international organizations.

For Tunisian job seekers interested in starting a career in one of the international organizations, there are positions available.

Teach Away

On the site, job seekers can search for jobs all over the world. Tunisia is also included in their job offers.

It will automatically take you to the career page of the job provider when you click and apply to any job of your choice.

Jobs Mag

The site provides job seekers with a list of available jobs from around the world. As well as Tunisia, there are job openings.

It will automatically take you to the career page of the job provider when you click and apply to any job of your choice.

Jobnet Africa

The JobNet Africa website offers Tunisian expats job opportunities and career opportunities.

International professionals looking for career opportunities in Africa can use this website to find them.

Here are the latest job listings for expats looking for jobs in Tunisia.

Kee Job

There are many job opportunities in Tunisia on Keejob, another job portal.

All jobseekers can access this site, and it connects them with potential employers

They can also help you change your career to a higher level by providing you with career advice.


You can find numerous Tunisian job offers on this Tunisian job portal.

The site has job offers updated in all regions of Tunisia every day, making it one of Tunisia’s first job sites.

Get the jobs that are right for you by searching for jobs in a variety of industries.


Millions of people use Career Jet to find jobs worldwide.

Jobs are gathered from hundreds of websites and can be explored by job seekers. On this site, you can find Tunisian jobs.

Hotel Career

Find direct employment in the hospitality industry.

This website helps you find jobs in hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars, and many other places.

Go Abroad

Select the best job for you by browsing jobs and job programs.

Tunisia is a great place to teach and apply.

Planet Jobix

With this portal, employers anywhere in the world can post jobs in Africa likewise, job hunters anywhere in the world can post their CVs and apply for jobs in any country in Africa.