Top Job Posting Sites in Singapore | Cadslist

Top talent can be hard to find in Singapore, which is a competitive market. In Singapore, the most effective ways of sourcing talent are through free and paid job boards.

1. Jobstreet
Countless corporate clients and 11 million job seekers use Jobstreet, which is part of the SEEK Group. Aside from sourcing professional talent, Jobstreet is also one of the leading job boards in Singapore. The cost of posting a job depends on the volume of hiring, but employers can expect a good flow of applications.
2. Jobcentral
Another leading job board in Singapore, Jobcentral, also advertises jobs for universities and polytechnics. You can find professional talent of all levels on this job board.
3. Snaphunt
In addition to helping companies source, screen, and hire talent anywhere in the world, Snaphunt assists them in hiring the best candidates. On Snaphunt, employers can post their jobs for free and get access to targeted talent from 650 million profiles across the web and 1 million candidates from Snaphunt’s talent pool while their jobs are distributed to over 20 job boards.
4. LinkedIn
The largest professional network in the world, LinkedIn has over 722 million members and is a popular choice for Singapore employers looking to hire professionals. Recruiting talent from LinkedIn is as simple as posting a job on LinkedIn by selecting the package that best suits their needs.
5. Mycareersfuture
Singapore’s government launched Mycareersfuture to make it easier for Singaporeans to find jobs. Singaporean talent can be easily sourced for employers’ jobs by posting on Mycareersfuture.
6. Found it Gulf
Found it Gulf provides Jobs in Gulf Search latest Jobs online for gulf countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and more on foundit Gulf.
7. Indeed
Unlike other job boards, Indeed offers both free and sponsored (paid) job postings. In addition to receiving 250 million unique visitors per month, Indeed puts job seekers first by providing them with free access to search for jobs, post resumes, and research firms.
8. Grabjobs
With GrabJobs, you can automate the process of finding, screening, and interviewing candidates at an affordable cost. In addition, it is gaining popularity among job-seekers, with over 5,000 businesses using it for their hiring processes. A recent study by MediaOne recognized it as one of Singapore’s top job platforms.
9. InternSG
With InternSG, students and graduates can search for internships and full-time jobs in Singapore. The service is an ideal fit when recruiters are looking for interns or fresh graduates. In addition to providing corporate entities with purposeful internship placements, InternSG’s mission is to create unparalleled synergy between learning students and organizations.
10. Cultjobs
The Cultjobs job board is based in Singapore and focuses on creating jobs. In order to attract talented designers, artists, content producers, PR, and marketing professionals, employers can post their job openings on Cultjobs for free.
11. Glassdoor
Increasingly popular as a job board, Glassdoor is a tool for branding employers. Posting jobs and showcasing a company profile on Glassdoor is a great way for employers to promote their business.