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To find qualified applicants for your open positions, here are 16 of the best sites that can help you advertise free jobs, current (April 2019) fees to post on sites that charge, the type of candidate the site attracts, and tips for getting the most out of the sites.


Its mobile-friendly usability and resume-building tools continue to make Indeed a favorite among job seekers. Employers and job seekers can also use basic features for free. Plans start at $5/day for employers who want to feature or target ideal candidates more specifically.


A few different approaches can be taken by employers when using LinkedIn. In-Mail messaging is a free system that allows companies to search profiles and contact candidates.

In addition, recruiting ideal candidates can be done by simply posting job openings or by hiring LinkedIn (posting a job is free, but using LinkedIn’s recruiting tools costs money).


Both freelancers and employers looking to outsource are using Upwork for everything from coding to software/website development to writing/editing.

Upwork allows you to post jobs for free. It is also possible for employers to send offers to highly-rated freelancers and to accept bids on jobs. It is expected that freelancers display sufficient portfolio content to help employers determine the perfect mix of price, quality, and value.


While employers often use FlexJobs to find payroll employees working remotely, this is also a site widely used to find independent contractors as well. FlexJobs offers both a free, basic employer membership and a paid membership.

The site is specifically suited to remote workers. Telecommuters can often work for slightly less, since they do not have to pay to commute to work each day.


If you’re familiar with Yelp, Glassdoor has rapidly become the “Yelp of job searching.” Not only does Glassdoor offer companies the opportunity to post job openings, but it also allows former employees and employees to assess their employment experience.

Glassdoor is free for employers for one week, after which memberships start at $65, with standard and premium options available.


Up to 20 job postings are free on this site. If you are looking for an executive or director-level employee, you can use this site to narrow your search and weed out candidates who lack the expertise and experience employers are looking for.

In the first 20 postings, Ladders’ rates range from $200 to $600/month or $400 per one-time payment.

Google For Jobs

Technically, this is not a job posting site. If a job posting is properly registered, Google will optimize it on its website. Employers can post jobs for free with this service, as with most Google services.

Employers with less tech knowledge may need to hire webmasters to assist them. There is an aspect of creating a webpage and updating the site map involved in using this service. A job posting is highly searchable on Google once it has been completed in order to be found by job seekers.

Mighty Recruiter

As this website is free for employers, it is recommended for companies seeking payroll employees to post jobs there. The Mighty Recruiter can access job boards such as, LiveCareer, Glassdoor, Ladders, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Jobinventory, Juju, Jooble, and My Perfect Resume. All the above job boards are automatically notified when employers post jobs on Mighty Recruiter.

It is also beneficial for the company’s website to post a job to Mighty Recruiter since that will increase the domain authority of the website.

Post Jobs Free

Craigslist’s look and user-friendliness are similar to Post Jobs Free’s. Both employers and job seekers benefit from this site because it is free. Free users are limited to 10 job postings.

Paid options are available for employers seeking sponsored placement, starting at $30/month for the “Premium” plan. It is also possible for employers to post more than ten jobs when using the Premium plan.


Both employers and job seekers can post their resumes on Monster’s straight-forward job board. Similar to Indeed, but with fixed monthly plans between $280 and $600. A promotional discount for first-time Monster users can easily be found for employers who wish to use the service.


In a similar way to FlexJobs, WeWorkRemotely targets telecommuters. It is different from other job sites because the job seekers on this site tend to be more skilled freelancers or remote workers. Due to this, job postings start at $300 per job, with premium placement available for an additional fee.


There has never been more demand for tech workers than now thanks to the growth of software engineering, SaaS (software as a service), and artificial intelligence. Dice specializes in finding qualified candidates for tech jobs. With more job openings, employers will charge a lower rate per job.


The Idealist job board targets job seekers who want to dedicate their careers to causes that align closely with their values, such as nonprofits and altruistic organizations. By connecting people, organizations, ideas, and resources, they strive to close the gap between intention and action.