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Your open vacancies can be filled faster and more efficiently by posting jobs on job posting sites. Companies can post free job advertisements on these job posting sites. A wide pool of candidates will be reached within a short period of time via your job advertisement.


  There is no doubt that Indeed is one of the best job posting sites in the world. Candidates can be searched according to your job specifications. Around 175 million resumes have been submitted to this job posting site. This amazing platform is used by approximately 300000 companies to hire candidates. There are 250 unique visitors to Indeed every month from around the globe. According to the statistics, at least ten job opportunities are added to this job board every second.


Job postings on this site are among the best in Portugal. Candidates and employers can find and communicate with one another on Adecco. Around 24,000 candidates have applied for jobs on this job site. A total of 424 job opportunities are currently available at Adecco. It has never been easier to recruit the best candidates and to promote your recruitment needs with Adecco.


Among all job posting websites, Net-Empregos is the most popular. There are currently 35,995 job openings on this job site. It is estimated that there are 4,882,371 active candidates registered on this job posting site, which has 222,115 companies registered under it. Additionally, you can search their online resume database to find your desired candidates. Net-Empregos simplifies the process of finding the right candidate. In addition to publishing your job ads for free, you can also sponsor them so that they appear in front of more candidates.


A leading job portal in Portugal since 2007, BonsEmpregos provides an array of job opportunities. A primary goal of their services is to assist organizations in hiring top-quality candidates in accordance with their recruiting requirements. In addition, BonsEmpregos currently has 32,531 job offers. To find the best candidate, you can also look at the candidate’s profile, which includes all the necessary information, such as experience, qualifications, salary expectations, etc.


Portuguese job posting site Expressoemprego is one of the most popular in the country. There are currently 995 job openings on Expressoemprego. You will be able to find the most suitable candidates for your open positions by using this job site. It is estimated that more than 400 thousand prospective candidates are registered on this job site. Candidate selection can be filtered by various job criteria by the Recruiter and Hiring Manager.


  Recruiting portals like this are popular and new in Portugal. In addition to 600,000 visitors a month, Alertaemprego has over 185,000 registered candidates. This results in one of Portugal’s biggest talent pools. Adding visibility to a job can be achieved by advertising it to reach more candidates.


Lisbon jobs can also be found on JobsinLisbon. There are a lot of English-speaking candidates available, mostly highly professional. Hiring managers and recruitment agencies can also use this site in other parts of the world to hire seamlessly. Depending on your hiring criteria, you can choose from a variety of advertisement plans.


Among Portugal’s leading online employment marketplaces, EmpregosOnline is the best place to post a job. Searching for the most suitable candidates for your job postings will be easier with this job posting site. In addition to online visibility and social media advertising, they offer recruitment process management services. Over 700,000 candidates search EmpregosOnline for their dream jobs every month.