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It wasn’t always that easy to find a job back then. The main sites for finding jobs are no longer bulletin boards, walls, billboards, and newspapers. The majority of our daily lives are spent online these days. In addition to what once appeared in newspapers or on walls of physical establishments, now you can find it wherever and whenever you want by using a device.

1. Jobstreet

Some sources like MoneyMax (2021) and Capati (2020) consider Jobstreet to be the best job portal in the Philippines. Your career profile can be created on Jobstreet, which you can use to apply for jobs listed there. Once you apply for a job, your resume will automatically be attached to your application.

2. Kalibrr

Kalibrr features are particularly useful and helpful for job seekers, similar to Jobstreet. Your profile on the platform can be built and your resume uploaded through its account feature. A bookmark feature is also available, as is a “refer a friend” option. The search engine provides excellent functionality as well.

3. Indeed

There are almost similarities between Indeed’s features and Kalibrr’s and Jobstreet’s. Job seekers can search for jobs from the homepage based on two criteria: what the job and where it is. Adding filters to the search makes it straightforward. 

Its usability is one of its best features. Quickly returns results, refreshes quickly, and has an easy-to-navigate interface.

4. Boss Job

Job seekers can also use Boss Job, a job portal that offers an easy-to-use platform. Job seekers who are exploring opportunities can also use the “notify me of similar jobs” feature.

5. LinkedIn

It is just one aspect of the whole LinkedIn platform that includes LinkedIn Jobs. As a social media platform, LinkedIn is a large networking platform, but geared toward professionals. 

In addition to sending recruiters your LinkedIn profile, you can use it to network with other professionals. As well as hiring, it includes connecting, collaborating, learning, participating, and many other things. 

The platform provides users with opportunities to share their stories and expertise through posts, news, and blog articles. 

Also on LinkedIn, users can talk and connect with recruiters, colleagues, and experts through a chat feature.

6. Facebook

Users can use Facebook to locate jobs near them, as well as connect with friends and family. The entire Filipino population is currently on Facebook, with 78.6% of the population being active users. Social media platforms like Facebook are popular in the Philippines, making them excellent job-searching tools.


In the Philippines, working abroad has been an attractive option for several years now. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are estimated to number 2.2 million in 2019, according to the Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA). Searching for overseas jobs is easy with The website has a search engine that allows you to narrow down your search by selecting the country in which you wish to work and entering in a keyword. It works with the Philippine Overseas Employment Authority (POEA) to ensure all overseas jobs are legitimate by filtering only accredited employers.

8. Upwork & Freelancer

The platforms Upwork and Freelancer are great for finding freelance jobs. By searching for and bidding on jobs on these platforms, you can find jobs that you are capable of doing. You will be accepted by clients if you offer them what they prefer. 

9. Monster Jobs Philippines

Monster Philippines is not the only job portal that is easy to use and convenient. CareerBuilder Philippines is also a good option. Besides the job title and location, Monster Philippines allows you to include a number of other details. The search results page also contains more helpful filters once you get to the bottom of the results page. There is a profile creation option, CV uploading, and direct apply feature, just like on the job portals mentioned above.

10. Online Jobs

Virtual jobs are posted on Online Jobs. In most cases, these jobs allow employees to work from anywhere without having to go to a physical office. 

Job seekers and employers can now connect and go through their employment process easily through web-based portals that allow job seekers and employers to connect. 

In order for job seekers to be successful in their search for and application process, they should be informed of the most popular job websites.