Indexer Links

It’s time to talk about indexer, indexers are just what they sound like a lot of these types of links are basically you create a new page. Then you’re going to be contacting the big G to say hey out me in your directory of those top 10 rankings. So what you’re often doing here is most of the times Google just wants you to know that when you submit your page for indexing. it is a request it’s not going to actually happen it’s not a guarantee but you can actually guarantee that.

It will still they’re just trying to scare you off when they do that by simply saying hey you know if you submitted to us we’ll get around to it. when we get around to it but I guarantee you if you go over to Bing, Yahoo and 101 other sites.  I mean there is literally 101 other index or sites. Google is going to pick up on their own little rankings and it’s instantly going to say who we don’t want to beat out here.

So guess what we’re going to do, we’re going to take all these pages that they have indexed. These three four or five 50 other search engines have shown this is something they want indexed inside their websites or their search engines. So we’re going to do the same as well and that’s what ends up happening basically.

So indexers quite simply put or just you submitting a new page and saying hey you know kudzu spider, Yahoo spider, Bing spider index me. They’re more likely to take that upon themselves because their resources aren’t being limited like Google limits there’s. Then once they Google kind of goes through they always keep an eye on their competition.

Let me tell you what they always keep an eye on their competition once they see their competition or something they don’t they instantly added to their index. That’s just something natural, the only time they wouldn’t is when it’s a big red flag and it says hey this is obviously me trying to game the system. This is even a website that you have previously blacked or blacklisted. What that basically means is we’re in same box we’re not putting you back on our search engine until it comes under new ownership with new content.

Other than that once you get on through these indexers Google will naturally come over and say I want to put on my search engine as well. So any pages that you’re trying having issues with you can definitely give an index or get an index or link from Bing, Yahoo or whatever.