Image Comment Links

This is one kind of fun this is what known as image comments. Image comments basically most of Facebook, some of twitter and I know Facebook has people that post text messages. Even videos but you get a lot more interaction on Facebook and twitter when you have media attached like a video or a GIF or a picture. Then you have Pinterest, the other things that you have Tumbler and all of the image websites you have.

Image pic still does, their comments allow there’s all types of websites I mean any type of website where you’re able to comment on these things. I almost forgot the biggest one Instagram, so all these things are where you can submit a comment. Say hey thought that what you did here was cool this and that and all these image comments going to count for much. Not much but when you start combining all these things together and they start pointing one campaign starts pointing towards one page.

Yeah it definitely does a lot of help, now I like i said most time you’re going to want to do an 80/20 rule. Where you’re building most of your beginning links to your homepage but eventually you want this to be an inner page. This is really image comments really help pages rank well especially when you get into different people who are within a certain industry or monitoring something specific.

Like hey here’s the new Nike shop or I am wearing Nike shoes or I got Nike gear on. or you know they’re like talking to you at Nike then you want to get to those respondents. Especially in Twitter when they use an @ symbol at Nike hey any of those people that talk like that I want to go comment on their images. I want to talk to them about hey I just did a review on the new Nike shoes.

I am making a competing shoe against Nike. Look at this, so all these image comments can add up and they can add to a lot of viral traffic as well. Now is the traffic high quality, NO because these people are between the shifts of buying, they may be in what’s known as the unaware phase. What’s known as the aware phase what’s known as the research phase and what’s known as the buying phase.