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Armenians should avoid looking for jobs in the classified section of their local newspapers. This is a digital world, which means there are many websites one can check out, each catering to a different audience. Many vacancies will appear in all the digital media, but others will only appear on a few. (careers)

Visiting the website and clicking on Engage will take you to the Careers page

Since 2017, LinkedIn and Facebook compatibility has been added. From cashier to manager, there is a wide variety of jobs available.

It has a newer interface and is easy to use. There is a wide range of salaries available for jobs, from the minimum to the most expensive.

There is a constant selection of jobs in multiple sectors on this old and highly used job portal. Provides resume posting, background checks, and career counseling services.

A more organized job portal than most, an older one with a new look. There is a wide variety of jobs on the site, from a BBQ expert to an executive director. In addition to the top vacancies of the week, the Facebook page includes a complete list of job openings.

An English-language job portal that has been around for many years in Armenia. The website has an outdated look, but there are many job openings.

An older job portal that is constantly being updated. There are a lot of interesting jobs on this site and it is worth your attention. There is also a system for uploading resumes.

Filters make it easy to find the type of job you’re looking for with a simple interface. All types of jobs are available, including administrative, agricultural, banking, office, and sales positions.

Your resumes are also collected by a new job portal that offers a clean interface. As of July 2017, there are not many available positions at the company.

An extremely mismatched older site which includes jobs from all sectors. It is not always the case that the language of the vacancies matches the language you clicked on.

This older site offers some interesting job opportunities from larger companies in the banking, IT, sales, and management fields.

An interesting new medium for jobs with all salaries written down. In addition to uploading resumes, one can also be contacted directly, which is different from other websites. Direct contact with the recruiter is also an option.

Various types of jobs, from a variety of companies.

A clear indication of full-time and part-time jobs, easy scrolling tabs, and a simple interface make it easy to use. The majority of jobs are lower-level and in Armenian.

The interface is very clean and there are apps for Android and iOS as well. The number of vacancies is insufficient.

Jobs in the financial and insurance sectors are listed on the job portal.

Despite its unprofessional reputation, Craigslist can sometimes hold gems for job seekers. Although free listings are often reliable, they are not always accurate.

The job portal is an intelligent job search engine that finds job announcements and posts them on social media and the web site.