Top Job Posting Sites in Sweden | CadsList

There are a couple of ways you can go about finding a job in Sweden. The best way to find a job is through your network of contacts, but some people are unable to find employment through this method due to a limited network of contacts.

A job search engine is available on the official Swedish Public Employment Service website – This is Sweden’s largest job bureau with an extensive online job directory. – This free job search site is hosted by the famous free magazine Metro. Today is the day to find a new career!

Job listings in the public sector are available at Schools and health care are the most common industries but you might also find openings in a variety of other industries. There are between 9000 and 10000 searchable jobs in the database at

It is not possible to find second hand jobs in Sweden, so you will have to look for jobs on Blocket’s website. Here you can find thousands of job openings, both for employers and for job seekers.

There is one website specializing in finding “hidden jobs” – Many job openings in Sweden are not advertised properly, so unemployed people have trouble locating them. The job market hidden underground is discovered by using