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Talent sourcing, engagement, and hiring in Japan are some of the most challenging tasks. In Japan, firing talent and hiring talent are challenging due to cultural and linguistic differences, as well as a shortage of English-speaking professionals.

GaijinPot Jobs

Among foreign job boards in Japan, GaijinPot is the most popular. There are more than 6 million users of the site around the world, and it provides employers with access to foreigners living in Japan, mobile workers in Japan, and bilingual Japanese people.


With approximately 540,000 bilingual users, Daijob is Japan’s top job site for finding bilingual and multilingual professionals. Daijob reports that 30% of their users earn more than 5 million yen per year, with 70 percent of Japanese citizens possessing business-level or higher English abilities and 20 percent of foreigners possessing business-level or higher Japanese abilities.


A popular Japanese job board, Rikunabi is also owned by Recruit Corporation (the same company that owns Indeed and Glassdoor). There are a variety of Rikunabi offerings based on job type and experience level, such as Rikunabi (for recent graduates), Rikunabi Next (for non-recent graduates and mid-career hires) and Rikunabi Haken (for blue-collar workers).


  We help companies find, screen, and hire talent anywhere in the world using Snaphunt’s smart hiring platform. Posting jobs on Snaphunt is free and employers have access to a talent pool of 1 million candidates and more than 650 million profiles across the web to find the best candidates for their job openings. 

Career Cross

Another excellent job site for sourcing bilingual Japanese and English speakers is Career Cross. Although the site covers other functions as well, it is particularly popular for IT jobs.  Employers can choose from a variety of packages depending on their hiring needs.

Career Engine

A paid job board called Career Engine has over 20,000 monthly visitors and caters to bilingual professionals. There are packages available for posting jobs and searching resume databases on the site.