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It is common for people to look for free things when they are talking about the word. Where in Ghana can you post jobs for free in the recruitment and employment field. In this post, I will provide you with several websites where you can post jobs for free. Here are 10 free websites where you can post jobs for free and reach top talent in Ghana.

It is important to note that there are some websites that are completely free, while there are others that offer both free and premium services. is a free online job posting website where you can post for free. It a free service 100%. The website is easy to navigate and has a clean design. The system allows you to easily add jobs with whatever information you want, whether it is text, audio, or video. You can post jobs that pop out before job seekers with full customization.

It is a free job posting site that allows you to post your job for free in Ghana. There was no charge for their services. Site navigation is straightforward and easy to use. AdSense, i.e. Google advertising, is the only downside to the site, making reading difficult.


Employers and job seekers can both post jobs for free on Vimjobs. There are a few downsides to this site, including the difficulty of navigation and the excessive advertising that clutters the site. By using the link below, you can easily post a job there.

In addition to a premium posting option, Xyzcareers offers a free posting option as well. Both employers and job seekers can use this website. For employers who want additional features and enhancements, the website offers other types of job posting. You can post a job in Xycareers by clicking the link below:

Free job postings are available on the website for visitors. One disadvantage of this website is that it is not only focused on Ghana and may not have the visibility employers need to recruit quickly. As well as focusing on healthcare jobs, it appears to cater to a niche market. Here is the link to post a job there.

Jobseeker and employer websites can be found on Free and paid categories are available for employers to post jobs. A job post starts from GHS50 for a paid service, while a free posting is also available. On, you can post a job using the link below.

Ghana’s Myjobmagghana is a job website for job seekers and employers. A job can be posted in both free and paid categories, depending on the employer’s needs. The link below will allow you to post a job on myjobmagghana.


Employers and job seekers can post jobs on Jobomas’ online jobs website. The company is not based solely in Ghana, but they offer posting services for Ghanaian employers as well. This is not a Ghanaian website, so visibility for jobs posted will be limited since it is not focused on Ghana. The link below still allows you to post jobs there.

There is a freelance jobs website called that allows you to post gigs and find freelancers for short-term projects. There is a beautiful layout and sleek design to the website. The link below will allow you to post a job there.

Employers and job seekers can find jobs on A free job can be posted or a paid service can be used by employers to recruit. Below is a link for posting a job on