Top 10 Job Posting Sites in Cameroon – Best Job Sites

It can be difficult to find a job in Cameroon. It is a fact that both you and I are aware of. Nevertheless, you are looking for some here. In return, you will receive a reward. While surfing the internet on a daily basis (doing useful things of course), I come across both good and bad job posting platforms. Due to the fact that digital technologies have become practically indispensable to business operations.

It is my intention to present you with 10 websites that are useful for finding the best job opportunities in Cameroon in this article.

1. Jumia Jobs

(Alexa ranking – 9) Jumia Jobs is a job posting platform offered by Jumia, one of the world’s largest online marketplaces. A good number of job offers are available on the site, and it has over 1,009,000 monthly page views.


The job portal has an Alexa ranking of 69. There are many job opportunities and partnerships offered by this company that are of extremely high quality.

3. Campusjeunes

As Campusjeunes has grown in popularity (Alexa ranking – 70), a great deal has changed.  Just a year ago, I remember visiting the site and it was very different from what it is now. Those on Twitter can also follow them regularly on Twitter. There is a nice design to the website and it offers a lot of job opportunities.

4. JobInfoCamer

With a ranking of 96 on Alexa, this is one of the best websites.  It would certainly improve your chances of getting the job of your dreams.

5. AkwaJobs

I don’t know how they’ve managed to make it so popular, but AkwaJobs (Alexa ranking – 145) is a great example.e good jobs and just basically do well in putting these out.

6. Offre-emploi

Their twitter activity is particularly appealing to me (Alexa ranking – 306).  Consequently, if you follow them on Twitter, you’ll be notified of most if not all of their job openings.

7. Njorku

There are currently 449 jobs listed on Njorku Cameroon (Alexa ranking – 449).  Jobs from print, web, mobile, and enterprise are aggregated by this platform.

8. Clicemploi

A simple interface makes clicemploi an excellent choice for job seekers in Cameroon and even abroad.

9. Cap-insertion

(Alexa ranking – 12,027): Cap-insertion is very new compared to the above platforms. However, I think they are worth checking out because of the quality of job posts. For a company just starting up, I think they are doing really well.

10. Mapanjobs

Having very few job opportunities on their website (Alexa ranking – 3,798), Mapanjobs comes last.  You never know, so be sure to check them out as well.