Top Job Posting Sites in Brazil | CadsList

Argentine has the region’s largest economy, followed by Brazil, which has the largest population in South America. As the country has a thriving tech community, it has a large pool of qualified talents.

The following are some of the top free and paid job boards where you can post your job openings when searching for talent in Brazil.


Among Brazil’s largest and most reputed job sites, Vagas takes the top spot. You can use the website’s simplified recruiting process to find the best qualified candidates for your job openings. Around 70% of Brazil’s 100 largest companies use Vagas to hire employees, according to a survey.


Besides ranking among the largest job sites in Brazil, Catho also allows you to register and advertise jobs for free.  Catho’s resume database is also available to employers for searching for qualified candidates.


Unlike local job sites and staffing agencies, Empregos is an online job marketplace. Employers can access a huge database of job seekers through the site to fill open positions. It provides recruiters with an effective way to advertise their jobs.


Recruiting, screen & hiring talent in Brazil is made easy with Snaphunt. Snaphunt allows employers to post jobs for free, reach out to over 20 job boards, and get instant access to a talent pool of over 1 million candidates and 650 million profiles across the web.


The job portal Trabalhabrasil is also one of the largest in Brazil. Almost 1 million job ads are posted on Trabalhabrazil every month, according to its statistics. There are also approximately 11 million resumes in its database.

Indeed Brazil

Indeed has a strong presence in Brazil, one of the world’s most important job markets. Employers can post their jobs both for free and for a fee on the site.


The Buscojobs job portal is one of the most popular in Brazil. Through Buscojobs, employers can post jobs for free, source and recruit the best candidates, and hire them. Their resume database can also be accessed to search for possible candidates.

Google for Jobs

Brazil’s talent can be accessed through Google for Jobs. Structure your job postings’ HTML so that they can be indexed by Google for Jobs in order to post jobs on Google for Jobs.  Additionally, you can post your job on Snaphunt for free to automatically distribute it to Google for Jobs and numerous other job posting sites.