Guest Book Links

Guest post basically is usually in most terms a big no they’re just something that you don’t really do. The reason why is this was an old update, I mean we are talking literally back when G penguin came out. Google penguin basically said any of these sites that are free for all a website anyone can come in and do whatever they want say whatever they want.

It’s not really too beneficial as a website because their needs to be some moderation or else. Basically all discussions are going to melt down into mush that’s the simple state of it. If you don’t have someone that moderates a discussion, the discussion always blows up, that’s I have discovered that Google has discovered that a million times over.

So guest posts aren’t usually something that you want to post on. If you did you can just simply say you know type in one phrase is that’s really beautiful. You just type into Google something like you know a and then sign our guest book in quotes. So here are all the things that they have signed our guest book on Etsy and those are actually guest books.