Article Guest Posts

One thing outside of a guest post is what I would consider an actual article guest post. Now this is not like I previously covered before guest post or what’s also known as a guest book. These guest posts are going to end up having you submit a full article.

All right so you got to come up with a name title description you know three, four or five hundred words whatever it is. Then you’re going to submit that off to another website which will then post it on its blog and you hope that you get featured on the homepage. If it’s a really big popular website like maybe NYC times or it can be seen as a bunch of other things but these types of article guest posts are still valid.

The reason being I’ll get more into where you get these types of links where you submit and who’s available for this. Because there’s a lot to it but I just want to simply you know differentiate the fact between a guest post or a guest book and an article guest post. This is not a guest book, the reason why this is not FFA free for all because you have to do work.

You can’t just drop a link be done you have to communicate back and forth with the author of the website. Usually to get your article up to standard and be posted. Sometimes you’re going to have too many links there are going to be like hey you know you have three links in here we only want two. So you go to remove that or hey we only want one. so you got to remove that and you’re going back and forth with these people trying to get that article online.

This can also be known as a PB and a private blog network but then again it’s not really a private blog network. Once it’s publicly allowed to be posted on, so do keep in mind that the PBN’s are just guest posts. That’s really all they are it’s a nice name for something you wish was actually true but it’s not private anymore. If you’re able to pay for it other people are able to pay for it.

The only time a PBN is really true is when that PBN only stays within a certain niche the name of the domain is within that niche. You know you’re not getting cheap Nike and now you’re posting articles about how to help reverse cancer diabetes and things like that just doesn’t make sense. So you need to make sure these things again the relevancy of these websites match that the other things that this website has been rainy about. Matches the links to this website are health links, this is the relevance; it’s not enough to know that the site’s good and valid to be posted on it.