Document Sharing Backlinks- SEO Tool For Ranking

Document sharing is a word document or a text pad either way it’s going to be converted into a Pdf. That’s kind of the big ideas that a lot of these websites are using Pdf to share a lot of their information. So this is a document sharing and what you’re going to do is be able to syndicate this to multiple different networks.  I am just going to show you a few document sharing websites that you can use again there’s software that does this as well.

Convert/Create PDF

The main thing that we want to cover is the idea that when you have a word or a text document you are converting it to Pdf. This at the beginning portion of it is a one to one copy, so what you need to do is often take another article word or text that you have maybe used already combining that together. Even you know add some of those sentences share together or you could just simply rewrite it.

This is going to be even more powerful but once you do this you know if you have two into one you can you’re just trying to make something unique original. so that’s why it’s not going to be seen as duplicate content by Google when you share this. Now we don’t get syndicated to all of these different other networks is that going to be seen as do content, yes in a sense but it will still count as a link because with document sharing it’s a little bit more precise of a nature. They understand that this isn’t something that you may often create new variations of or talk about a lot, often times when people convert a word document into Pdf that’s about it.

Top Pdf Submission Sites

Submission of PDF files on below listed PDF submission sites helps ranking in search engines. One can have advantage of getting PDF backlinks from high domain & page authority. The process of PDF submission increase domain authority which in return helps ranking keywords as well.

  • Issuu
  • Scribd
  • Calameo
  • 4shared
  • Box

So going in a little bit one really big document sharing website of course is Scribd where you’re able to read books, audio books and more in Scribd. You can obviously share this either publicly or as a premium or private and that can obviously get you certain royalties occasionally of a Scribd. We are not sure if they still work like that but the point is main idea is you want to share these things publicly upload them let them be seen by all people.

Again it’s an open publishing platform. The other thing that you can do is document sharing websites and just simply type that in Google and you will find a lot of software’s as well as websites.

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