Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, or the Hollywood city, is the most populous city in California. The warm and diverse city is more famous for its ever-growing entertainment industry. However, not many people know that the city is home to many renowned digital marketing companies.

This guide will give a roundup of the top digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles, California. So, here we go.

1. Lounge Lizard

Launched in 1998, this award-winning digital agency has headquarters in New York City. In addition to the L.A. office, Lounge Lizard also operates in Long Island.

The digital marketing agency impresses with its inventive online solutions, user-friendly web designs, and robust mobile applications. The company employs a full-service staff comprising seasoned project managers, marketing strategists, copywriters, and creative designers. In addition, qualified technical developers and online marketing experts provide new mobile and online solutions for helping customers acquire and retain customers.

2. Corra

The world-famous digital agency, trusted by lifestyle brands, is famous for its top-notch ability to provide exceptional digital solutions. Some of the industry’s leading B2B and B2C retailers recruit this digital agency in L.A. to accomplish their goals.

Corra has been serving its clientele for over the past fifteen years. Their collaboration with several vetted technology partners allows them to pair customer insights and business analysis for driving early wins and tangible ROI. The digital agency develops a customized roadmap to guarantee its customers’ long-term growth and brand loyalty.

The digital agency has headquarters and offices in the key markets of London, Los Angeles, and New York. Corra’s unique position allows the agency to serve local and global customers.

3. Space150

Headquartered in Minneapolis, the agency has offices in New York and Los Angeles. Since its inception in 2000, Space150 has provided top-notch digital marketing services to its customers. From its early days of designing beautiful websites to creating digital and physical experiences for users, Space150 has been around for a long time. The agency serves category leaders in the healthcare, finance, dining, retail, and luxury industries. Prominent clients include American Express, 3M, Cambria, Buffalo Wings, Target, Forever 21, and more.

The firm employs around a hundred staff members across creative, account management, engineering, design, and media disciplines. 

4. B-Reel

The digital marketing agency opened in 1999 and soon grew to 170 employees across offices in London, NYC, Stockholm, Berlin, and Barcelona. The full-service creative agency connects audiences and brands in unique ways. The company is attuned to the needs of modern brands and benefits from its meritocratic culture.

The agency’s collaborative spirit, experience, and passion for translating the benefits of innovative marketing and technology help today’s businesses.

5. Bold+Beyond

A daring Bold+Beyond is a daring and dynamic digital agency based in Paris and Los Angeles. The agency has a straightforward goal, providing clients with innovative and effective communication experiences. Bold+Beyond or Bold and Beyond is the first agency to work with creatives and business consultants to represent various brands. Some of the agency’s most respected customers are beauty, luxury, television, tech, fashion, financial, and entertainment.

Launched in 2010, Bold+Beyond is the first consulting and digital creative agency that combines 50% business consultants with 50% creatives for creating long-lasting value and significant growth for influential brands.

6. Watson Design Group

The award-winning creative boutique specializes in online development and digital storytelling. A passion for creating interactive designs drives the innovative and imaginative agency. The Watson Design Group has successful campaigns under its belt, including The Hunger Games, The Jungle Book, Swiss Army Man, and X-Files. The company has also served clients like Warner Bros., Disney, and Fox Searchlight.

This company ranks among the top digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles, California, and is popular for its human-centric designs.

7. Salted Stone

The full-service digital agency has an integrated approach for helping businesses drive growth and engage with their targeted audiences. Salted Stone is a full-service and award-winning digital agency that offers consultation services and scalable solutions. The company’s world-class team comprises curious and creative specialists committed to producing exceptional digital solutions.

The digital company has been operational since 2008 and has been delivering consistent marketing and sales support to hundreds of clients.

8. MullenLowe Profero

Launched in 1998, the digital marketing agency is the global part of the digital transformation network of MullenLowe Group. The agency has provided services to some of the world’s best brands. These include Royal Mail, Diageo, ASOS, Harley-Davidson, Primark, Peninsula Hotels, Virgin, Unilever, and Western Union.

The agency has 15 global offices and has bagged numerous Effie Awards for digital effectiveness in addition to Spikes, Cannes Lions, Clios, and BIMA’s.

9. Dom & Tom

The digital agency started from a kitchen table with two employees in Queens, NY. Today, the agency has nearly 100 employees in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York.

Dom & Tom is a significant product development agency in L.A. The agency focuses on emerging technologies and delivers solutions for startups and enterprises. Dom & Tom has more than 110 native mobile applications and 300 web projects in its portfolio with teams located in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. In addition, the agency produces engaging and forward-thinking user experiences for all types of businesses.

Notable Mentions

Here are some major popular digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles, California.


A small team of graphic designers and web developers working in Los Angeles, CA. This agency provides innovative designs and websites for quite a few brands and businesses.


The agency was launched in 2009. The full-service digital marketing agency is built around mobile and web application development core.

Nailed It! Media

The organic branding and digital media company in Los Angeles connect people with a collective experience of twenty-five years. In addition, the agency helps companies and entrepreneurs to help them get the exposure they deserve.

Direct Allied Agency

The full-service branding and marketing agency specializes in SEO and website design. This popular digital marketing agency also provides online marketing, logo design, and branding solutions.

Final Thoughts

Today, we can’t overlook the importance of digital marketing. Millions of entrepreneurs and businesses are looking for the best digital marketing agencies to scale their businesses through a solid online presence. 

If you are searching for the best digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles, California, follow this guide to choose the best digital agency in Los Angeles. Many of these companies have offices in other parts of the U.S. as well.