The best time to start using Facebook Ads

Facebook Marketing is booming all over the world. Facebook Ads are one smart strategy as part of Facebook Marketing. Ad creatives with messages help to promote many products and ventures. Thereby helping people reach their marketing goals. Advertisers can create proper ad campaigns with specified list of goals.

Facebook Ads are a very effective tool that can help drive traffic from many users. However, certain points should be considered before running social media ad campaigns on networks like Facebook. A crucial point is the time for when to start running Facebook Ads.

So, if you are planning to run a strong ad campaign but the time is not feasible, it is like playing a high-class show in an empty or half filled cinema. There is not any special marketing strategy for when to start using Ads for your Facebook Page. However, we should consider some vital aspects before we start running Facebook Ads.

  • 100+ Page Likes (or followers)
  • Meta Pixel Added
  • A clear pathway of Facebook marketing goals
  • 20+ posts on the page
  • Each Ad should have multiple creative assets
  • An A/B or split testing strategy

Boost a post

The most simple and easy Facebook Ad can be made by Boosting a basic text, image or video post on your Facebook Page. You would had seen an option to ‘Boost Post’ while sharing content on your Facebook Page.

Boosting a post has many benefits that include audience growth, conversions and multiple comments on posts.

The process can be pretty cheap since you can decide your budget for the boost. However, the level of success depends on your marketing strategies used and the budget spent on the boosted post.

The time to start an Ad Campaign

Your first Facebook Ad Campaign should have valuable and high-quality content. For example awareness or conversation ads, product launching dates, discussion forums, etc.

The best time to boost the post can be during a special event, like a product launch, or any other related promotion that will help attract more audience.

Paid campaigns can be done with different budgets of all sizes. However, you must focus on your targeting skills first. Moreover, initially try testing the progress by boosting posts at lower price rates.

Posting an ad with specific content at the right time also matters a lot. For example, lunch deal ads at noon time, or light weight dressing or cool drinks ad on a hot summer day. This will help provide viewers with the content type of their interest, giving a higher chance to be viewed.