List of Best Coupon Sites to Save Hundreds of Dollars

Are you looking for the best way to score everything on sale? Welcome to the world of coupon sites.

All of us dream of buying the best products at unbelievably affordable rates. But is it possible to purchase all your favorite things without spending a fortune? Thanks to coupon sites, now you can enjoy quality items at attractive discounts. No, we are not talking about those conventional coupons that you had to cut from newspapers. We are talking about online coupons and discount offers that are available on popular websites. The best part is all these discounts are easily available, so everything is just a click away. 

In this guide, we are going to dive into the different types of coupons and the best coupons sites that can help you get the best bang for your money. 

But first let’s find out why coupons are gaining popularity by the day. 

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List of the Best Couponing and Saving Sites

Now you know why couponing is popular and what are the most popular types of coupon codes. 

Let’s uncover some of the hottest online coupon websites that are offering some of the best deals to buyers.

1. Rakuten

Rakuten, Formerly popular as Ebates, Rakuten, is one of today’s leading coupon websites. When looking for the best free coupon websites, Rakuten is completely free and offers cashback to users. Earnings range from 1% to 12% cashback. Sometimes, buyers earn even more during special sales. In addition to that, you can link up your credit card to earn cashback in select scores. Funds transfer through PayPal or a cheque. Even when you can’t find a coupon for what you want to buy, the website ensures that you must pay less than the full price for the products. 

Every three months, Rakuten sends your balance as a deposit or cash into a Paypal account. Apart from rebates, the website also collects promo codes from all over the internet to guarantee extra savings to everyone. Buyers who prefer shopping from their phone can use the Rakuten mobile app to keep the savings going. Download for iOS or Android and search for cash-back deals and discounts through your phone. Rakuten offers tons of deals, discounts, and savings with over two thousand brands on its website, a mobile app, and a browser extension.


2. Ibotta

Ibotta, Another popular coupon and cashback app, Ibotta, allows buyers to earn cashback on some items. The cashback savings app can help you save on regular purchase like ped food, cereals, dairy, snacks, and meat etc. What’s more? Ibotta gives you discounts on improvement stores, clothing brands, beer, wine, and liquor stores. Buyers earn a percentage or a set dollar amount on their purchase. 

Users must complete different tasks to be able to earn cashback. For example, you may need to watch a short video, provide proof of purchase, or comment on a product. 

The nature and number of tasks vary according to the amount of cashback and the type of product you purchase. Users can share referral codes with family, friends, or anyone to get a $5 referral bonus.


3. ShopAtHome

One of the best printable coupon sites, ShopAtHome, offers both coupon codes and printable coupons to guarantee excellent online savings. Score amazing deals from thousands of stores that offer cash back on all types of items from grocery to local products. Earn up to 30% of cash back on every dollar you spend. 

ShopAtHome offers an easy toolbar that you can install for analyzing every website you visit. The tool helps determine if the website has any deals or coupons. 

When you purchase an item, the back-cash amount will show up in the ShopAtHome account in a week. Users can request money through PayPal or cheque once they earn a minimum of $20 in cash-back. You can also request for an Amazon gift card.

4. Swagbucks

Without a doubt, Swagbucks is one of the most popular couponing websites online. The versatile website offers a wide variety of coupons to users that they can print for in-store use or receiving cashback. 

Apart from physical coupons, Swagbucks gives the option for cash back from your favorite brands. Remember to click the Swagbucks link that will take you to the retailer’s website. Get ready to receive exclusive deals and discounts from Swagbucks that you won’t find on other coupon websites. 

You earn a Swagbuck when you print out a coupon. You can redeem these points and receive gift cards at different retailers. That’s a great way to save money and use it on your favorite items. Earn more Swagbucks by using the Swagbucks search engine, taking surveys, and watching videos.


5. BeFrugal

BeFrugal,is a simple app lets you stay frugal as you shop from over 5,000 stores. BeFrual allows you to earn cashback while shopping dozens of items. One of the best things about this app is that you don’t have to search for coupons. Users can avail codes and coupons with the push of a button. 

That’s one reason why this intuitive app is incredibly popular among amateurs and beginners couponers. Users receive earnings through direct deposit, cheque, PayPal, and gift cards.


6. Groupon

Groupon is one of the best coupon sites to find deals for entertainment and restaurants in your area. You can also find attractive travel deals through Groupon. The word-famous coupon website launched in 2008. Initially, Groupon offered a single deal every day. A certain number of people needed to purchase the deal for activating it. For example, deals like 50% discount or two-for-one pizzas would be available for 24 hours and people who purchased the deal would receive a voucher, once the deal activated. 

But that’s just a thing of the past. Today, Groupon offers tons of vouchers to purchase services and goods at discount, without any minimum number of buyers. The website is popular for offering the best deals on local restaurants and entertainment. But you can also score amazing deals on car repairs, clothing, jewelry, pet supplies, spa services, and traveling. Deep discounts are usually available on physical good and travel packages. Customers can search for offers by location, but numerous deals are available to buyers irrespective of their location. The success of Groupon lies behind its simplicity. However, don’t forget to check the limitations on every deal and its expiration date.


7. Amazon coupons

Amazon is providing coupons for a large variety of products on its website, since 2017.  That’s great news for avid Amazon shoppers because these coupons allow you to save hundreds of dollars. Most of these coupons are manufacturers’ coupons and you can find them next to products’ prices. If you are familiar with Amazon Launchpad, you may find it similar. Here are some places where users can spot them on product listings. 

  • Product pages
  • Search results pages
  • Coupon landing pages
  • Gold Box Deals pages

When a buyer wants to purchase a discounted product on Amazon fresh, he/she can easily redeem their coupon. Click the ‘Clip’ button by the coupon on the Amazon website or app. Once you do that, the discount will be automatically applied to the purchase. 

Every time you redeem one of the coupons, you must pay $0.6., which is a small price for unlocking tons of amazing benefits.


8. Living Social

Much like Groupon, Living Social guarantees excellent benefits to save money when shopping from several local brands. The website offers plenty of attractive discounts, especially to city dwellers. But there’s not too much available for small town residents. Popular categories include beauty and spas, food and drink, kid items, and home goods.


If you ask any couponer, this website offers some of the most fantastic discounts on both online and physical retailers. updates its selection of coupons every month so you should keep checking the discounts regularly. Enjoy earning cash back on all purchase by connecting your debit card to the website. 

One of the best grocery coupon sites, allows you to save hundreds of dollars with digital coupons and free grocery cash back offers from your favorite stores. Some popular stores include Whole Foods, Kroger, Target, Costco, and Walmart. Save on baby, food, pet supplies, medicine, and personal care items from brands like Kraft, Bounty, Tide, and General Mills.


10. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is another popular couponing website that gives away thousands of coupon codes for a variety of online retailers. The website updates its webpage every day so you can find amazing deals every day. Users can find amazing cashback opportunities as well as discounted gift cards on the website. 

Don’t forget to check out RetailMeNot before heading to your local store because you can save hundreds of dollars on clothing, food, travel, beauty, and many other categories.


11. DontPayFull

With over ten million offers from more than a hundred thousand stores, the mission of DontPayFull is to help you save more. All you have to do is visit the website and type in the name of the offer or brand you are looking for. Feel free to browse different items by category if you don’t have any particular product in mind.

Once you find a deal, click on the ‘get deal’ button for claiming the offer. The website will take you directly to the retailer’s website. The deal will apply to your cart automatically when you are ready to check out. Amateur couponers can find valuable tips and advice from The DontPayFull blog. 

Whether you want to save on fashion, food, or travel; this website is a heaven for coupon buffs.


When looking for a reliable coupon website, there aren’t too many places like to give buyers a variety of discount offers. Save hundreds of dollars on flight tickets, groceries, and everything else. 

One of the best things about this website is that buyers can find both national and local level deals. You can also find fantastic deals on computer and software products.


13. Brad’s Deals

If you are looking for the latest deals from your favorite retailers, Brad’s Deals offers plenty of info. Buyers can find discounts on a wide range of products. In addition to that, the website also gives suggestions and recommendations to buy certain items according to past sales data.


14. The Krazy Coupon Lady

If you are looking for the best grocery coupon sites, welcome to this one. There is an interesting story behind this website because it was founded by accident. The Krazy Coupon Lady comes from two stay-at-home moms who started sharing stories about their strategic coupon-clipping in Idho. Both Joanie Demer and Heather Wheeler wanted to find a great way to reduce their expenses. 

The creatively named website ranks among the best couponing sites online because of the authentic and genuine advice it offers. You can find both online and printable coupons on this website. The Krazy Coupon Lady can also teach you how to coupon if you find the entire process too overwhelming.


15. SlickDeals

More like a community for coupon fanatics, SlickDeals gives a new meaning to couponing. That’s because the website doesn’t only focus on saving money for you but features a community aspect. The team behind the website adds their own deals but also lets its members include their finds. 

Buyers can find the latest deals on the homepage. Look for the best deals on computers, video games, grocery, credit cards, clothing, and accessories on SlickDeals.


16. CouponCause

The CouponCause website donates a part of their proceeds to non-profit causes. City of Hope, WWF, and Feeding America are only a few of the organizations the website helps. That’s a great place to find promo codes and coupons from top retailers such as Target, Amazon, JcPenny, etc.


17. Hip2Save

Hip2Save is one of the best couponing sites to find daily deals, promo codes, and coupons. You’ll find coupons to tons of stores, and they also have a section on where to find freebies! They also provide honest product reviews and shopping tips.


18. SmartSource

You might remember this name from the Sunday newspapers. Although the paper version still circulates, SmartSource now offers a website as well.


Why Coupon sites are becoming More Popular?

Coupons offer an easy way to reduce your shopping expenses without compromising on quality. Although buyers may need to invest some time and effort into couponing, all of it is worth every penny. The money you save on groceries and brands can go into something fun or educational. 

Whether you are shopping in store or online, coupon websites offer a fantastic opportunity to save money. Recent studies reveal that nearly 96% of shoppers use coupons on a purchase. Since there is a plethora of coupon apps and websites available, there is no reason why you should pay full price on your favorite items. 

Some popular websites offer digital coupons whereas others require buyers to print them out so they can use them at the store. Either way, the result is additional savings for everyone. 

While in the past, a large percentage of coupons were for department stores and grocery. However, the categories have significantly expanded. Today, there are coupons for everything, from massages to entertainment and computer accessories.

How to Start Couponing

After hearing the benefits of couponing, you may want to start scouring coupon websites to find the best deals right away. However, here are some tips and suggestions.

Get Organized

Before you begin searching for the best coupon sites to find the best deals on your favorite products, don’t forget to make a list of items you want to purchase. If it’s something that you buy regularly, compare the price before and after the discount to see if you are scoring any benefit. 

If you need to print a coupon then you will need a printer and a stack of printer paper. It’s good to be organized because some offers are available for a limited time period. The sooner you print the coupons, the better. Having a coupon binder or a ziplock bag can also help.

Keep Checking

Once you have a bundle of coupons, don’t forget to keep checking for expired coupons. Most of the time, stores don’t accept coupons that are past the expiration date so don’t try your luck.

What are the Different Types of Coupons?

When you start couponing, you will come across different types of coupons. Regardless of the coupons you use, remember to read the fine print. Here are the basic types of coupons that are most commonly popular among buyers. 

Store Coupons

Specific retailers issue store coupons. While buyers must use these coupons at the issuing store, they can sometimes use them along with manufacturer’s coupons. However, that varies according to the retailer. 

Generally, buyers identify a store with a logo that makes it clear that the coupon is valid only for that store.

Manufacturer’s Coupons

Such coupons come from the product’s company. For instance, if you find a manufacturer’s coupon for Levi’s Jeans, it was issued by Levi’s. Buyers can use these codes at any store that is accepting and selling Levi’s’ Jeans. 

Printable Manufacturer’s Coupons

You will have to print these coupons from a website. However, another popular place to find them is the manufacturer’s website. Remember that you shouldn’t’ make copies of a single coupon. That’s because most of the time they are unique codes and have usage limits. 

Coupon Codes

Coupon codes give you discounts on purchases while shopping online. Typically, stores display a field for pasting the coupon codes at checkout. That makes it easier for buyers to avail the discount code. Once you enter the code, the website will inform you whether the discount code is valid or not. 


Another type of coupons is cashback. Although, it’s not exactly a coupon code, cashback can help save hundreds of dollars when you use them with other types of coupon codes.  

Most stores give cashback directly to buyers when they are shopping person. For online shoppers, the cashback gets credited to their account with the coupon website. There is usually a threshold limit for cashback, and you must hit that target to be able to receive cashback.

Reasons you should consider coupons sites

Finding coupons can take some time but i assure you it will be good return over your time investment. For example if you use coupons for your daily life groceries, you can save money which you can use for fun activities.

Why you Should Start Couponing from Today?

Coupons are a fabulous way to reduce costs without compromising on quality. Using coupon websites strategically can give you plenty of opportunities to become financially independent. 

When you use coupons effectively, you can use the money you save on meeting your needs. You may be surprised to see how much you are able to save within just a few months. Apart from accomplishing your financial goals, the money you save can be used for growing your retirement fund or paying off a debt. 

So what are you waiting for? Follow our guide and starting reaping the benefits of couponing to reduce your daily expenses. Check out the websites we mentioned in the list to save money on grocery, tech products, pet supplies, and hundreds of other products.