What Are Google Stacks & How Does It Help Your SEO

Google stack (also known as google authority stacking) is the SEO strategy used for building links. The purpose of Google stacking is to promote websites both from an increased ranking perspective and from additional ranking properties in search results. This strategy allows to create links from Google proprieties, such as Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Sites.

The technique of Google Stacking is actually an updated version of an already-existing SEO strategy “Web 2.0s”. However, the main difference between them is that instead of pointing toward one specific content platform and using spammy links, now websites are linked to as many different Google properties as possible. 

It is also said that Google stacking may have been created by the Network Empire team in 2014 and was called Domain Authority Stacking (DAS). 

It is perfect for those who want to build links to their website and are open to risk. According to Blue Meta, a digital marketing agency providing SEO services in Vancouver BC, even though google stacking is a useful strategy, 99% of businesses do not use it. 

There are three major uses of Google stacks: 

  • Link building.  Google gives you a backlink to your website.
  • Content promotion. Google stacks allow you to use the power of Google in order to rank a document for higher traffic. 
  • Reputation management. You can use Google Driver properties to bury negative content about a person or business for a certain period of time.

How Are Google Stacks Made

The process includes four phases: 

  • The first step is creating advanced level google web properties, such as Google pdf, Google public folder, Google doc, Google drawing, Google spreadsheet, Google presentation, and embedded YouTube video. 
  • Then you need to use already pre-existing social profiles that you stack inside google drive properties by creating a link network. 
  • In the third phase, Google Drive + and Google Sites are tied together into one google drive stacks at the website sites.google.com. 
  • The final step is pointing five TF 30+ PBN Links to the site.google.com that was created in the previous step. This will help to increase the relevancy and overall trust of the property. 

How Does It Influence Rankings?

This is how Google stacking impacts rankings in a positive way: 

  • Since Google uses its own platform, google properties pass a high trust rate. 
  • By creating a highly technical link building network of Google properties and tying them together into one stacked central website, Google stacking helps to maximize the flow from boosted properties and increase the website domain authority. 
  • Google stacks help in content promotion. Using this SEO strategy you can help your ads to climb quickly on the ranking ladder and reach high ranking positions, which is one of the major goals of any online business. 
  • It enhances reputation management. By improving your ranking on search engines, you make your promotional ads focusing on image building. This will help you to counter negative news about the services or products you sell. 

There are also some other benefits of Google stacks that are worth mentioning:  

  • Google stacking is a perfect strategy for testing new markets and testing competition. 
  • Google stacking is a white hat service because all the links come from sources that are owned by Google. This means that you do not face any risk of penalty of using these links. 

The only disadvantage of Google stacking is that it may be time-consuming because pretty much all work is manual. You have to prepare all the content, video, and images yourself, which takes time. However, at the same time, it all makes Google stacking a natural process. 

In general, this strategy is pretty easy, so you can do Google stacking yourself. However, in order to build stacks successfully, it is important to be familiar with your market. Your website may need only a small stack to get to the first page of search results, or you may need a bigger stack of links. 


Everyone wants to get their business and website ranked high enough in order to remain competitive on the Internet. The good news is that there are numerous SEO strategies that can help you with that. One of them is Google Stacks that is considered a tremendous ranking source for your website. Google stacking can be used for link building, content promotion, and reputation management. It also boasts a high trust rate, increases the website domain authority, and helps the ads to climb fast the ranking ladder. Even though it may be time-consuming, it is still possible to do Google stacking yourself. However, if you need professional help to achieve better results, Blue Meta a digital marketing agency located in Vancouver BC is ready to assist you.