Top Tips to Grow Your LinkedIn Followers

When you are about to promote your business through LinkedIn and want to know how to grow LinkedIn followers, the first step is to focus on growing the number of your followers. LinkedIn users will not follow your business page unless they consider it professional or credible. 

In this guide, we are going to offer the best tips and ideas to grow your LinkedIn followers through your page. 

How to Increase Followers on LinkedIn

According to LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner, the platform plans to design the world’s first economic graph and digitally map out the global economy. Considering how the platform is expanding by the day, this goal does not seem far from reach. The platform has a comprehensive dataset of industry, individual, and company information for more than 500 million users. 

In future, LinkedIn marketing is going to be a game-changer for brands and businesses. Here are the top tips on how to get more followers on LinkedIn to grow your business reach. 

Complete your Company Profile

Stats reveal that LinkedIn pages with all sections completed receive 30% more views than pages with incomplete information. If your page has useful content, your visitors are more likely to become your followers. 

Here are some of the items that you must fill out when completing your business profile.

  • Company Logo
  • Company description
  • Official Website URL
  • Size of your Company 
  • Niche/Industry
  • Type of Business 
  • Location 

1: Company Page Overview

However, your LinkedIn page will not be complete if you don’t fill out the ‘Overview’ section of your company page.

Here you can upload all the crucial details about your company or business including: all of the most important details about your business such as: 

Company Page Information

Always upload a high-resolution company logo along with a cover image to introduce your brand to current and potential followers. Don’t forget to fill out the ‘About Us’ section for providing more information to your visitors. 

Company Page Details

Your company page looks more professional and legitimate if you submit all the company page details. This information includes the company size, website URL, location, and type of your business. 

Professionalism and legitimacy are important for your brand image. In addition to that, your visitors will have all the necessary information they need for connecting with your company, whenever they need your services. 

2: Design a Posting Schedule

The professional networking platform reveals that companies that post at least once per month get more visitors. You should also know that company pages with a minimum of 150 followers generally enjoy 5X more views than pages with fewer followers.

Make sure you post at least once or twice a week to engage followers. It’s always a great idea to set up a posting schedule for the entire year. 

Here is a glimpse of what your LinkedIn posting schedule should contain for your page to perform well:

Captivating images: Aesthetic, simple, and clean images help your LinkedIn page to stand out 

Appropriate captions: Provide extra content and information to your visitors

Hashtags: Increase your page’s visibility and build excitement through hashtags

Questions: Post a debatable question that engages audiences

3: Use Buffer RSS Feed Preview

Top companies and businesses are using RSS feeds together withtheir LinkedIn marketing strategy to provide a solid supply of shareable content. Don’t stick to posting the image and headline provided with the article in the feed. When you share curated and optimized content on a networking platform such as Linkedin, you are likely to get more views and followers. 

4: Capitalize on your Top-Performing Posts

Another way to grow your followers steadily is to re-buffer your top content. That’s a great idea when you are running out of content ideas. Re-sharing or re-buffering your top-performing content from the past will allow you to target an untapped audience segment. 

Create a backlog of your top social media content and expand or optimize it so it can perform well in the future again. You can access your top posts from your Buffer dashboard, under the analytics section. Choose Post reports and select ‘Most Popular’ to see which posts are more popular among your audience. 

5: LinkedIn Pulse

The LinkedIn Feed or the LinkedIn Pulse, no longer operates separately. The application, integrated seamlessly into the users’ feeds, improves the content-first experience. You will be surprised to know that 100,000+ organic articles get published on LinkedIn, every week. Rop-level executives, working at world famous brand, pen a large percentage of these articles. 

More content means less space in the feed. Hence, your company needs a robust LinkedIn marketing strategy. That’s why re-sharing your best content regularly will help your followers grow, consistently. 

6: Integrate a Follow button to your website

This simple addition can go a long way to convert your website visitors into loyal followers on LinkedIn. You may also add messages like ‘Find more amazing ideas or tips on our LinkedIn page.’

7: Add Your LinkedIn Page to your Email Signature

One of the easiest ways to grow more followers on social media is to edit your email signature. That way, you can add a direct link of your company’s page and make it easier for the recipient to start following your page. When you are contacting someone professionally, adding your company page in the email signature is a great way to provide access to your company page. 

8: Feature Testimonials

Any company relies heavily on testimonials from their happy customers. When you have a decent number of testimonials on your business page, your business page becomes more credible. Encourage your clients to give their opinion about your services and products that you can publish on the page.

9: Use Hashtags

Don’t forget to add three to five relevant hashtags so that your content attracts attention in different communities. Using hashtags will make your company more credible and professional.

10: Check Page Analytics

Page admins have access to a robust set of analytics, which offer demographic information about all your visitors and followers. You can use these insights for figuring out what resonates with your audience.

11: Mention other Companies and Influencers in your Updates

Do you wish to be associated with non-competing companies and influencers in your industry?

Use the ‘@’ sign for mentioning them in your posts or updates. That you, you will have more chances of gaining followers from the influencer’s network.

12: Publish Visual Content

Your data should be a blend of attractive visuals, pictures, and videos. You can also create custom image collages for adding more appeal to your LinkedIn profile

Bottom Line

Now you know how can you grow followers on LinkedIn. Don’t forget to find out more about digital marketing and social media from our blog.