Top 15 Best Email Marketing Software Tools 2021 | Reviewed

One of the core components of any online marketing campaign is email marketing & email marketing software. The best part is, it is among the most effective and the least expensive methods for getting your message across. Creating a mailing list is just a single part of the process. Such tools offer a wide range of options and features for engaging with subscribers and customers, in unique ways. 

An innovative mix of effective landing pages, inspiring newsletters, and email marketing software can give any company an edge over its rivals. Today’s marketers are aware that email marketing tools and an omni-channel strategy can help them launch successful campaigns. Utilizing multiple channels mean that a business launches its campaign not only over email but also on direct mail, social media, and SMS marketing as part of digital marketing

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Why do You Need an Email Marketing Software?

Small businesses can simply maintain a spreadsheet list by adding email addresses and names of subscribers. However, as a company grows, adopting the latest email marketing tools becomes critical. Through sophisticate email marketing tools, companies can create a resourceful database of subscribers. 

This database is segmented by engagement levels and demographic slices. The key is to understand marketing platforms for segmenting audiences and increasing engagement.

However, one of the most affordable ways to streamline these effort is to design a thoughtful email marketing campaign. Fortunately, there are numerous paid and free email marketing software that can give you peace of mind as well as more profits.

Top 15 Email Marketing Software

Here is our roundup of some of the best email marketing software available on the market to support your email marketing efforts, whether you are a business or a marketer. 

  • Mailchimp
  • Bitrix24
  • AutoPilot
  • EmailOctopus
  • EngageBay
  • Salesflare
  • WebEngage
  • Routee
  • Kickbox Email Verification
  • Marsello
  • GetResponse
  • SendX
  • Agile CRM
  • Folderly
  • ConvertKit


The all-in-one email marketing program enjoys worldwide popularity and has been dominating the mail marketing industry for years. What’s more? The globally successful company is now entering the e-commerce industry by allowing merchants to create online stores. Mailchimp is now a multichannel marketing hub and provides better automation and embedded customer relationship features. Get the latest version of Mailchimp to benefit from additional features such as website design and hosting. The best part is that users get all these new features inside the familiar and intuitive app framework.


This one is among the few CRM systems that provide email marketing services without any cost. A plethora of features and benefits makes Bitrix24 one of the best customer relationship management tools. The software allows you to create a number of dynamic and static segments for designing the most appropriate email campaign for each group of prospects. Choose Bitrix24 whenever you need a tool for email marketing automation and trigger-based emails. 


If you thought email marketing was only about sending bulk newsletters, you’re wrong? In today’s age and time, email marketing offers so much more. For that reason, businesses and marketers are striving hard to send the right messages to the right leads, automatically.

That’s when AutoPilot comes in the picture. The automation specialist has all the bells and whistles for delivering class-leading tools and maintaining the perfect balance ease of use and power. 

When you start using Autopilot, you observe that this is a serious software, for serious email marketing campaigns. Don’t underestimate its performance with its friendly and bright appeal. The visual design is just a component of its code free automation experience to simplify automated workflows. 

The program integrates with HubSpot’s free CRM and some other big names such as Pipedrive and Salesforce. Users consider this integration as one of the biggest strengths of the software for making up the lack of a built-in CRM.


The cost-effective email marketing software offers a plethora of features for individual creators and businesses for growing their mailing list. Thanks to its easy-to-use email editor, marketers can create plain text as well as HTML-rich emails. The segmentation and automation tools allow users for setting up drip campaigns and time-based auto responders. In addition to that, users can send personalized messages to specific segments of subscribers. 


The popular email marketing software acts as your business companion for growing your business. The robust email marketing program offers a wide variety of ready-made templates but you can create your own to cater to your business needs. Target and segment subscriber lists and personalize all aspects of email marketing. Thanks to rich text formatting, users can design beautiful email templates. Not just that, you can also analyze the results of all campaigns for optimizing future email marketing strategies. 


Hundreds of small and medium sized B2B businesses use this smart email marketing and CRM platform. Salesflare boasts all the bells and whistles that today’s businesses need for reaching out to their leads in a personalized manner. The amazing software automatically fills out the address book, monitors engagement with leads, and reminds to you follow up. 


The robust marketing automation suite and customer data platform simplifies retention and user engagement. That’s one reason why the software is immensely popular among small businesses and consumer tech enterprises. This program can help your company drive more revenue from your current customers as well as potential customers via contextual and engaging campaigns across ten communication platforms.

Users can A/B test campaigns and test multiple email variations automatically with smaller groups. That way, you can check emails for imperfections and conclude what works best. The software will automatically choose the winning variation for sending it to the larger audience.


This inclusive email platform allows small businesses to engage more customers, thereby increasing sales without spending a fortune. The software only charges a user according to the volume of emails they send. That gives easy access to explore all Pro email features. Enjoy excellent email marketing features from your first email and create personalized email marketing campaigns. Get informative insights and set transnational updates for measuring the results of your email marketing efforts. 

Kickbox Email Verification

If you don’t want your emails to go to the spam folder or you are having trouble reaching to a certain domain, this one is just for you. Kickbox Email Verification offers a mix of the best tools in email deliverability, including email testing, reputation management, and verification. That’s all you need to reach to your audience and kickstarting you campaign.


The one and only retail marketing solution does an excellent job for all your online and in-store email needs. Marsello comes with exceptional features revolving around marketing automation, loyalty and reward programs, SMS automations and marketing lists. Other robust features such as feedback surveys and customizable templates allow users to monitor what works for driving more sales. 


The software is a result of proven email marketing strategies from seasoned email marketing experts. More than 350,000+ businesses use this email software to create customizable emails for their audiences. With simple drag and drop features and intuitive options, GetResponse does all the heavy lifting for you so you can send optimized emails. The online marketing platform allows entrepreneurs and businesses to send newsletters and build targeted subscriber lists. The software is also excellent for sending video emails and for all types of follow-up campaigns.


When you need to choose the best affordable and feature-rich email marketing software, there aren’t too many programs like SendX. The software prides itself for being an easy-to-use email marketing program. No wonder more than three thousand companies worldwide trust in this software program for their email marketing efforts. Users get 24/7 customer support through email, online chat, and phone. 

Agile CRM

This email marketing software sends professional newsletters and emails by personalizing them and then tracking them for results. Get excellent features like drop and drag email builder and A/B Testing. Users can also add social share buttons in your emails. Design and store automatic response emails as well as real-time notifications, with Agile CRM.


When looking for an AI-based email deliverability platform, Folderly does a great job at solving any spam issues. The program offers a robust set of features for spam testing, monitoring, and fixing issues with email deliverability. Using the software can help marketers boost sales by sending the right emails to the right people. Considering that nearly 51% of all global business emails do not reach the inbox, Folderly gives an incredible opportunity to ensure that you don’t lose any important emails to spam folders. 


The relatively simple email marketing software is widely popular among online course instructors and bloggers. In addition to that, bloggers and entrepreneurs also use this program for developing their personal brands. 

While it doesn’t have all the features that other popular email marketing software offer, it is still has many benefits for small businesses and professional bloggers.

With features like tagging, automation, and sending out a sequence of emails, ConvertKit offers plenty of options. The program also allows you to set up landing pages, forms, and autoresponders. 

Top 15 Email Marketing Software

Bottom Line

Email marketing still ranks as one of the most effective marketing channels, beating out social media, affiliate marketing, and SEO. The email marketing software you choose must be convenient to use and allow you to monitor the performance of your email marketing campaign. Choose a reliable email marketing program from the list to promote your brand and boost sales.